Thoughts on the apocalypse


Good evening brothers and sisters,
I’ve been giving some things a lot of thought as to where we are headed. I am without doubt that EA is 100% correct and that we are in fact amidst the apocalypse. Being a catholic growing up I have read a lot on the subject. At one point I was actually going to become a priest. I was 2 weeks out from ordination and something came to me in a dream in the form of my grandmother who had passed and whom I was very close to. It said to me that the form it had taken was to make me comfortable and that priesthood of the Catholic Church was not the path I was destined for. The next day I signed up to go back to college. I digress sorry I’m getting off topic. Now I have read the three days of darkness, the Bible cover to cover and just about everything I could find on the rapture and they all seemed to read the same way that good and evil would war using us as the pawns. But after further reading the Goetia, the red dragon Grimoire, and so many others I’m coming to the realization that they are not coming back to beget war on each other bit to work as one to reclaim what once was theirs. the sons and daughters of David or “” chosen will be advisary to those who returned to the old ways and once again reclaimed the ability we were given by right of birth to become as they are and transcend the boundaries that were created by weak and fearful men who’s true fear lies in the fact that someone would be more powerful so they deemed such practices wrong. In the Bible when you read revolation war is mentioned but strongly interpreted. It said the end time war is when men will no longer rule the earth. I believe that is correct however not a one of us any long I feel falls into the category of man. We have chosen a path to change ourselves and become the next step of our evolution and I believe that is to become something far more then man. Anyway I don’t want to ramble to much lol please give me your thoughts.


My 2 cents:

  1. The Earth was never “theirs” or “ours”, we’re just here now and we’re doing a thing, they can go get their own planet, there’s plenty of them, so there will be no reclaiming
  2. I don’t believe the apocalypse is “them” coming to us but us opening the way to get to them, to get the benefits of being higher dimensional while also sovereign. There is no going back, there is only forward.
  3. We’re already something far more than man, we just forgot. But that goes for all humans, I don’t subscribe to some elitist idea that enlightened people are more evolved. A sleeping human is still human.
  4. No-ones going anywhere until we can ALL use discernment with right mind and right action, or the powers well get will just allow a few fools to destroy everything before we can enjoy it. THAT is the problem and that’s why we have to keep waiting.


Let me tell U the Hindu and Buddhist perspective about apocalypse, We don’t give A fuck about it. . For us it gets destroyed , then it gets created again. Again it is destroyed just to be recreated. Just like the quality and production of Simpsons. THE CYCLE NEVER FUCKING ENDS.!!!


Dont feed into this style of thinking. Because its how people easily control you and make money off of you. Its the realm of Scam Artists; people are generally good at Self-preservation so will not let something like this go too far.

Learn to invest your money, time, energy and opportunities rather than to Doomsday Scenarios to reverse the BS.




Lol, glad that at least someone got the Joke.


Why do you just keep becoming one of my favorite members?


I believe the Biblical apocalypse is more about the fall of the Roman Empire than about the end of the world; like a lot of things in the Bible, it’s not meant to be taken literally. There’s a lot of subtle imagery relating to the Empire if you squint.

As for the actual “end of the world”, I think it will come long after humanity’s extinction. Maybe it will be by the eventual heat-death of the universe or a big meteor will put a hole in it or whatever.