Thoth came to me in a dream the other night. I was in what appeared to be a hall built from stone. Thoth approached and told me to follow him. He then walked through a doorway and disappeared. All I could see was a light fog coming from the doorway he walked through. I woke up before I could walk through the door. At the time I didn’t know who he was. I’ve been developing a relationship with Lucifer so I thought it was strange that Thoth would show up in a dream. Is it possible that Lucifer sent him to teach me? I had asked Lucifer to teach me to be a better magician and after some research discovered that Thoth is a god of magic.


Thoth’s a man turned God in the myths and according to some Alchemists. He is a God of Knowledge and Alchemy not “Magic”.

I would say he came to you because you seek knowledge not that he was “sent”.

Could he teach you? Most definitely, call him and see what the dream was about.


In what myths?

The most commonly known one is that he literally willed himself into existence. Another is that he’s one of Ra’s sons.

Actually, he’s also associated with magic. The Ancient Egyptians believed that he was the founder of their system of magic (heka).


It could be! Spirits tend to recommend each other if they feel that another spirit would better aid certain individuals. But it could also be that Thoth sought you out on his own volition too.


He’s a God of many things, including Magic.

Quite possible, but you could always do some divination if you’re unsure.


Thoth was the last king of Atlantis. He went to Khem (Egypt) once Atlantis fell. He was one of the most powerful magus the world has ever seen.

That dream of yours feels like him. He can teach you and give you knowledge and wisdom.
As for Lucifer, I don’t feel that he sent him, probably Thoth came to you on his own.
Of course, you can call him and ask him.


A friend of mine thought he had been working with Lucifer for awhile but later learned it had been Thoth.
Lucifer can be considered an entitiy but may also be used as a title. “Light Bearer”


Only if you believe in that particular myth.

The actual story of Atlantis was created by Plato as an allegory for his own views of a perfect society and how hubris could bring it down. There is no historical reference to Atlantis before Plato’s Timaeus, and the idea of “magick” wasn’t even a part of the story until Helen Blavatsky decided to make it into her own morality tale of unchecked power for her creation of Theosophy. Just like the Akashic Records, which began as a misunderstanding of Eastern terms by her followers, the story of Atlantis as a magical society did not exist before Theosophy created it. This is fact.

However, as we all know, in the occult, fiction has its uses too.


Hmm, that’s true. Actually, not many records exist about Atlantis. However, more and more evidences are coming up. I mean, if it was a fact back then, I don’t think they had to make a big deal out of it.
You know, it’s like making a fact that the sun exists. But then again, no one really knows yet…we have to let time pass and see.

As for its location, many theories exist about that and I have no idea. Then two theories I find more truthful, are the Atlantic ocean one and the Sahara one, but then again, as I said, I don’t really know the truth…We have to wait and see I guess…

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The part of Atlantis being a magical society didn’t exist until Theosophy. That’s a given.

If it existed as a real city state or not, I personally find it very doubtful, because there is literally zero mention of it before Plato, yet supposedly, 9000 years before Plato’s time (according to the story), Atlantis sought world conquest and was only stopped by the brilliant strategies of Athens. Documenting wars was a thing back then, as it is now, so if Athens had defeated the technologically advanced Atlantis, there most definitely would have been a record of it somewhere (and a rocking victory celebration). Also, Atlantis would have had trading partners, as an island is highly unlikely to be self sufficient, so someone somewhere would have made a record of that too.

Now, Plato wrote the story 2400 years ago, so add 9000 to that and you get 11, 400 years since Atlantis fell, according to the story. The geological evidence we have found to date shows the oldest known incident of group warfare as being the Jebel Sahaba massacre, which was approximately 12, 000 years ago. Surely, there would be some evidence of such a mighty battle as Athens versus Atlantis if it had really happened (and they were as technologically advanced as described)? Oh, and Athens is one of the oldest named cities ever, but is said to be between 5000 and 6000 years old, so it didn’t even exist as such in the time Plato said it went to war with Atlantis.

As for Atlantis’ location, in Timaeus Plato has it in the Atlantic Ocean in the Strait of Gibraltar.

So far, the evidence we do have shows that Plato either made up Atlantis completely, made up the Athens victory over Atlantis as a teaching tool, or based the idea of Atlantis on an actual existing civilization whose name we don’t know.


I somewhat agree with you. There are lot od unsolved mysteries on Earth. Atlantis is one. of them. Also we don’t know who built giant megalithic sights of Tiwanaku and Puma Punku.
Also North America was covered with ice cap
around 10 000-12 000 years ago and it litetally melted in one night. There is evidence about it. So it is possible that melting also caused the birth of story of Atlantis since almost evey culture known to man has stories of Atlantis. Also we don’t really know the exact age od the globe. There are lor of stuff which contradicts “mainstream science of the bat”. Or how do yiu say it in English.
So mainstream science doesn’t really want to talk about new findings and new evidence. Fear, money and giant bubble where “mainstream science” lives in, instead of doing their job.

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But writting was developed around 3.200-3.400 B.C.
If you’re reffering to proto-writting, the oldest sample currently comes from around 7000 BC and most of them haven’t even been deciphered yet.


Umm…no, there’s not.

You are referring to the Cordilleran Ice Sheet that covered most of North America as late as 12, 500 years ago, and while it melted quicker than previously thought according to new data from researches at Purdue, it certainly was NOT “overnight.” It took almost 1000 years. The geological strata shows that glacial retreat (which was already occurring) was increased by a second period of global warming approximately 12, 000 years ago and that helped open up huge areas from the ice, but not everything.

You’re right, there are many unsolved mysteries, but while the megaliths you mentioned are evidence of an unknown advanced civilization, we have zero such evidence for Atlantis.

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You are historically correct.

However, both Atlantis and Athens are said in the story to be technologically advanced so you’d think they would have invented some form of writing, as, according to Plato, Atlantis had a set of laws that governed it (and which suspiciously coincide almost exactly with those laid out in his “Republic”) and to be useful, those laws would have had to have been recorded in some way. Also, the people would have had to be able to read the recorded laws, otherwise how would they be upheld? So, if Atlantis did exist back then as it was said to, it would have been the very first literate civilization ever upon the Earth.

Edit to add: Many apologies to the OP @WHamilton3 for taking his thread completely off topic.

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True, but what if all the evidence (including the writting evidence) got destroyed along with the country itself?

Indeed, but, the name “Athens” is not the original name of the city. It was named Kekropia and before that was named Aktiki or Aktaia from the very first king, Actaeus (Aktaios).
So it could be very possible there was Indeed a city named Athens, but maybe not the one we know today?

Isn’t 1000 years over night in world history if it ever was that long? I remember about cosmic impact which melted the ice sheet? :slight_smile:

Sure, in the grand scheme of things 1000 years doesn’t seem long at all. However, at the human time scale, it is a bit more than “overnight.” lol

Yes, it is very possible he was speaking of another Athens.

However, Plato speaks of Athens in the story (through the characters) in a way similar to the way he speaks about his Athens in his other writings, which is why some scholars think that Plato wrote it as an allegory of power corrupting, but also to praise his beloved city (that is why it is triumphant over Atlantis even though it stood alone without allies because Atlantis had already beaten everyone else).

I could be mistaken, as it has been a long time since I read Plato, but I don’t think he was speaking of any other city but his own (which makes sense when you think about it, as he had no way of knowing how old his city actually was. Carbon dating didn’t exist back then and I don’t think archaeology was even dreamed of, so his Athens was the only Athens he knew).


Yes you’re right, he does, but could be Indeed that he used “Athens” as both an allegory and because as you said:

Before writting was developed, people were using the good old traditional “mouth to mouth” way to transfer their stories. It is said that Plato learned about Atlantis from an old Egyptian Priest in one of his travels to Egypt.
Don’t forget that around 700-800 B.C. Homer, a blind (since birth) author, described the Trojan war extremely detailed (which happend about 500 years before his birth) and most believed it was all made up non-historic events until the 19th century A.D. with Schliemann’s excavations, which are widely accepted from scholars nowdays.

So I guess we can’t know for sure until we have solid evidence that it existed or not…

Edit: I’m sorry @WHamilton3 … We completely derailed your thread…

Edit 2: I summon @Lady_Eva to ask if we should transfer these comments about Atlantis in a separate thread… :no_mouth:

Very true. However, as any child who has ever played “telephone” knows, if the story of Atlantis was passed down orally, it is highly unlikely that the “old Egyptian Priest” was accurate in the retelling.

Exactly. I personally, am on the side of Atlantis as fiction because as far as we know at this point, it is.

This whole conversation stemmed from me pointing out that there is no actual evidence for Atlantis beyond Plato’s work, and that the whole concept of it being a magical society came directly from Theosophy and is of recent invention, thus there is no way Thoth could be the “greatest magus to ever walk the earth.” If, as was claimed, he was a magician-king and walked into Egypt after the fall of Atlantis, and Plato’s story of the Egyptian priest telling of Atlantis is true, then I find it hard to believe that old Egyptian priest wouldn’t talk abut the mighty magic of the Atlantean sorcerers since the powers of the gods were a big deal in good ol’ Egypt.

However, even if it is fiction, it can still be magically true and if one buys into the myth, one can work with Thoth in that capacity, just the same as any other god or goddess. Magicians do it all the time with the beings invented by Lovecraft, after all.

Edit to add: I’m going to stop talking now as I fear I’ve completely derailed this thread as @Anassa pointed out.


I’ll have to use divination. I have a tarot deck I use and a pendulum as well.

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