This Video game is Stunning and the runes are all over the place

Ok, so recently I got a game called: Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice. The game deals with a female protagonist named Senua, she is of nordic origins and she is constantly accompanied by voices in her head. She travels to Helheim to get her man back from Hella. The game is well designed and the references from Norse sorcery are accurate. The first boss is Valravn and Sutr. There is a specific stone called lorestone which has runes around it saying: “Unmask Fear. Seek Hella’s truth in mirror. Gods Betray us.” I recommend you to download it and play, its a great piece and has many hints about magick and how one journey’s through the world of Yggdrasil. Here is the trailer: (Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Official Trailer | PS4 - YouTube)


Since this has nothing to do with magick, and could confuse new people looking for real Nordic mythology information, I’m moving this to the Journals category.

Yggdrasil is not a ‘world’? In Norse mythology, it’s the world tree and there are nine worlds you get to via the tree. Hella is the Marvel and Old High German name, in Old Norse, her name is Hel… Do I really need to call out the plausibility that Surtr (spelled wrong) would be a first boss for anyone that knows the Jotun? Not seeing this accuracy so far…?

As a Journal, this will not require you to defend the magik, myth, or lack of, within it. Your own personal experiences about journeying to the worlds would be appreciated though. :slight_smile:

There are tons of gamer forums if you want to talk about games. :+1:


Sounds like a good one I’ll check it out I’m all about games since Skyrim is my fav lol

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She’s actually Celtic. Her home was destroyed by viking raiders and she picked up Norse mythology from an ex-slave before he died.

But yes, it’s a good game and has accurate representation of paranoid schizophrenia (which is supposed to call anything mythical into question since the whole game is just a really bad episode as a result of vikings destroying her home and killing her fiance).


Sorry it’s not about the game,rather the magic we see moving within it and it’s origins. I meant to write worlds brother( or sister) I am sorry if I confused anyone. The runes within this media is well put and the context within can show many ppl some of the darker aspects of the Nordic deities. Darkest blessings~

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Yes sorry, she is Celtic indeed thanks for the correction. The Nordic runes seen throughout the game and the deities representation is really good and I think some may even be accurate, at least my experience with some of the deities were similar to the games description or appearance.

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I will post the next days my personal experiences with some of those deities that the game references and my path on the way of learning the runes and binding with svartalfar and my conversations with a jotun.

Looks good Thanks! Picked it up and will start playing it shortly.

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