This might sound crazy, but I think I've crossed myself or someone is attacking me magically

This might sound crazy, but I think I’ve crossed myself or someone is attacking me magically.

So I’ve had two recent potential dates have horrific situations happened to them where they become unavailable or have to reschedule to meet. Date A had her father pass this week and Date B got in a car accident and become septic last week. Both had to reschedule. Tonight Date B she said she was on her way to the date and didn’t show.

Something is screwing with me. I can feel it. I did Psychic self defense in the Zealtor Grade of the Golden Dawn were you will send the magic/thoughts back to the senders, but I feel it might be something parasitic, someone specific, or something specific. I have felt over the past two weeks negative thoughts, obsessive thoughts, and a lot of fear come up. This all started after another interest texted my out of blue.

There were two places I could sense resistance. One out of the Southwest direction and the other in the Southeast respectively.

Not sure if I need to do the Rose Cross Ritual of the Golden Dawn to protect myself or uncrossing ritual or is this part of growth or just a negative link to someone specific?

I did write about feeling depression and astrology in another post a few weeks ago, but that was unrelated I feel and more growth.

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That doesn’t sound crazy at all.

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Give this mantra from the archangel Michael a try and see if things change:


Instead of getting yourself worked up enough to ask about it on a public forum, just do some protection magick and get on with your life.

Not crazy in my eyes. As for my suggestion, I would follow the idea you already are debating with an uncrossing bath, as it can be helpful with either scenario in general. A good banishment such as the Sword Banishment from Magical Protection from GOM can be helpful as well, along with other rituals in the book you may feel appropriate.

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Thanks @DarkestKnight. I will add that to my daily ritual for a month.

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Yes it sounds like a good idea as well daily for month. Uncrossing bath.

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