This Is a Joke Right?

This is a joke, right? I found this s*t on Twitter.

I hope I don’t get in trouble with the mods for this.


My favourite on the list is “vegetarianism.” I always knew vegetarians were evil :joy: :joy:

All jokes aside, this is pure fundamentalist religious BS, where they think that if you’re not living like a Puritan from the 1600’s, then you must be under the temptations of the devil.

Naw, you’re fine. It is a joke.


Star Wars, E.T. Ear Rings, Necklace, Bracelets, Makeup, Wigs, Alcohol, Day Dreaming, Masturbation, Martial Arts, Damn near everything, according to the christians. I grew up hearing of all of these possibilities. Hell Testimonies, and other christian dogma on youtube talk about this incessantly.


this is the most ridiculous shit I have ever seen in my existence


Its either the sort of thing certain fundamentalist churches put our or a parody of the same.
They could save their typing fingers if they provided a list of things that they believe are NOT gateways to demonic possession.
I am disappointed that they missed Jumanji though. C’mon, a board game that transports you into a jungle? Thats gotta be a gateway :slight_smile:


Reminds me of the good old 90’s when the media was concerned about “Satan’s worship”, and hard line christians made similar lists in all seriousness. And of course, the all-time ultimate gate to possession, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and role-playing games in general were always there :smiley:


“If I don’t get it or like it, I assume it’s of the devil.”

That’s the mentality I see. You can’t take it seriously considering how subjective it is, and how it takes that subjectivity and makes it so extreme.


The age of rationality is over. The time for Christian-fundamentalist brain rot has come!


Wait, when was that?

If you said that in the 80s and 90s, I would’ve agreed with you. But in the 2020s, there’s a different moral panic going on.

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I remember writing a short story about the Satanic Panic. I wonder where I left it.

im only joking


I didn’t see the bible included on that list, or psalms.
Yep their list is incomplete.

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I like that cyberpunk culture is on there​:joy: them dang games sending us to hell :cry::cry: also meditation which is like saying that you aren’t allowed to work on strengthening your mind and relaxation capabilities :joy:


Harry potter? Lycanthropy? Lol :joy::joy::joy:

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When it comes to fornication, the closer I got to possession was when I came close to call out Asmodeus’ name ( I asked his help with that guy) :joy::joy: those Christians and their jokes they always make me giggle. I love seeing their reaction when I tell them I have booked a private cauldron for me in hell :hugs::grimacing:


Video games😂, Now I know why I always feel compelled to worship Satan after a good round of counterstrike.


I’ve seen lists like this coming from the extreme christian fundamentalists. It’s unfortunately probably real: they actually think neditating is hire you get demons inside you.

They are not really “Christians” any more at this point, imo. They are not following the words of Jesus to become christed and instead listened to the catholics that said you can’t do anything to empower yourself or develop your spirit or else.

Luckily there’s very few of them and the vast majority of chritians are not stark raving mad cultists like this, Hating and terrified of everything from fiction to peaceful philosophies and religions.

Fear is the churched tool for control, it’s like s massive parasite that has infected the entire organisation. So ironically, it’s these people who need a good exorcusm.


OH NO, this repackaged christian creation story is totally demonic :scream_cat:

what i find interesting, is that iluvatar seems to have beef with Melkor
and used the claim that even Meklor’s actions were part of Eru’s vision, as a sort of “gotcha!” moment

Implying, that iluvatar is below Eru
(since, he wouldnt be upset if it had been his plan all along OR he was lying)
~kind of reminds me to yezidism and how Melek Taus is below god, but also the one who manages all his affairs.

judging by the list, these people dont fornicate or do anything spiritual or “worldly”
and they jusk work -dont even meditate
dont enjoy media or anything and are just meat robots to work for and pray to their false god
…so yeah

apparently their most ideal existence, is a race of people who reproduce asexually and have only work and prayer in mind. NPCs.

it is said, that vegetables contain more natural carcinogenes (defense chemicals) than what little we spray unto them :thinking: Not sure if this is (again) lobby paid “research” just like with veganism and the sugar industry

Almost like the catholic church started as a way to make tons of money and have influence over tons of countries and that’s where alot of the doctrine came from or something :thinking:

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