This has been bothering me for a while

When I was a child around the age of 6 all the way to the age of 10 I would had visual and physical phenomena’s, my bedroom wall would always warp into portals were beings and things would come through when I was a child some scary motherfuckers came through, and it all became to much for me to handle.

The amount of fear I was in was unreal even my bed was shaking, so I would bury my head into the mattress to try and ignore all the activity.

I managed to block out all the things I experienced, my mother brought it up to me recently and told me it’s rare for me to be able to open doorways in such a way.

Anyway my mother explained that I always saw the crooked man I never knew the lore of the crooked man so I looked into it.

It’s a mixture between a old nursery rhyme and a creepy scary story.

I spoke to my personal daemon and he explained that the crooked man is constantly around me kind of like a demonic guide.

When my attention came to this, my house has come under a lot of poltergeist activity, for years i’ve been trying everything to gain my ability of opening and drawing the portals I was able to open.

I believe the crooked man may be the key to this but how can a crooked man know such a thing let me know your thoughts and what I should do.


You could always evoke him and be like cut that shit out lol.

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I’d like to say that egregores and thoughtforms can become really powerful when it’s got a lot of power being fueled towards them. The crooked man evokes fear from children and their emotions tend to be a lot ‘purer’ at that age. Fear is also very potent too. A powerful emotion indeed, I’d suggest evoking this entity and see what comes up !

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