This forum

I just want to say that looking through other forums, I’ve found them inept at best. The vast majorities of individuals in this group validate a lot of my own personal experiences and have helped with my own gnosis. So I just want to say thank you.


tbh I’ve never seen another forum besides this one… guess I’ve never searched for one either but happy to be here


That’s great, glad you’re getting useful info here.

In an ideal world, I think it’s best not to badmouth other sites or forums, it’s not a good look for a forum striving to discuss serious magick in an intelligent way, and this is the site of a reputable publisher and can’t be seen to play politics or put others down in a way that would be viewed as unprofessional. If you had named names the post would be removed.

There are many other forums and with many of them, it’s the people that make it, you get out what you put in. To generalise them all as ‘inept’ reflects on you as well.

Just a thought.


I totally agree.

I’ve been inactive on this forum several years, but continued to read this one as well as other forums.

BALG forum is the best place to be.

Hail EA !

Hail Timothy !


Can I just state that there’s a c**t on these boards that I can’t stand: Old (Banishing Ritual) Uncle Al? I mean who the fuck does he think he is? And the British spelling! Fuck me! And the allusions to greatness. Keep a strict eye on his account. OK? There are young, inexperienced members. And he’s Australian; like as if that’s even a real country. Hate him. Just saying.