Third Eye

So I have been thinking of opening my third eye…
And well, any advice would be appreciated :smile:

How was it? What could you do/ see? How long does it take? What were your methods? Really tell me ANYTHING.

I read somewhere that if you do it too fast, you can become insane which worries me a bit…ah well…


Dont worry about opening it. Worry about using it. It is slightly open and its time to open is subjective of the individual. I would suggest 10 minutes a day opening it and the rest of the day projecting your will out of it


So if I managed to open it… I should not keep it open for too long?
Sorry, just confused…

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Spend 10 minites opening it. The rest of the day projecting your will out of it. Like energy pouring into this world


Before I began opening my third eye, I tried my best to work with and open all of my energy centers. For me, it was similar to a ladder. As I worked with each one, the next one became easier to open. So, by the time I reached the third eye to focus on it, it already had energy flowing into it. The only thing I needed to do was “turn the valve”, so to speak. Focus and further open it.

In the beginning, I found that sitting on the floor in a pitch black room worked best for me. I even went to the extent of removing all electronics from my room, so as to not disturb the energy I was kindling. I found them distracting because I could feel them so intensely. Of course, demons would pop in every now and then, and I could immediately feel them there. I entered into a deep, meditative trance and focused on each point. Words would come to me in this trance and I would vibrate the words deep in my throat as I focused the black energy enveloping my energy points. Each breath I took kindled the energy. Making it warp and weave, touching the outer parts of the energy point. Each exhale, it would consume the point to the core. Each point felt like ice and fire as it was consumed. As the energy moved upward, I would visualize the energy interweaving with itself as it consumed the next point.

I like to focus with black energy or a “black flame” of sorts. When I focus on one energy point, it is similar to stoking or kindling a flame. I feel the energy surge through my core. A contradictory burning and cold sensation at times. Anywho, I worked with my energy centers until I can permanently feel that constant inner flame every day. Even if I don’t work on it, I still feel it within me.

This took me about a month before I could really start seeing demons clearly(outside of dreams). It took quite a lot of dedication and focus for me to progress that quickly though. I even got to the point where I started smelling demons. Smells that I deduced didn’t come from anything in the environment. It would range from a very sexy, perfume/cologne smell, to sulfur, to smells I can’t even describe, but I found pleasant.

Invoking demons also helped expedite the process of opening my third eye. It is very intense; however, the results are fast. They would share their energy with me; making my energy more like theirs. I was meditating, fully conscious, as I hadn’t descended into trance yet. Then, I suddenly involuntarily soul traveled. Long story short, I was surrounded by demons in one of their realms. They all shared their energy with me. It was an intense ride and they guided me back to my body afterward. I awoke. I felt their energy surging within me and I became very sensitive to energies and light. It took a few hours for the sensitivity to scale down. It was like my physical vision and third eye had become one.

When interacting with demons, sometimes they send me flashes of what they wish to present themselves as. It varies anywhere from gorgeous beings, to disturbing and twisted forms(especially with Lord Belial; I love it :P), to hard to comprehend, to vague wispy figures.

Here lately, I’ve been having problems seeing demons for an extended period of time. Also depends on how strong the initial contact is. I think I am due to kindle my energy again.


It is important to note. That constant practice is good for opening but start looking through your third eye. Instead of opening it


The worst that happened to me when I was opening I liked to sit on top of picnic tables but after it started I got terrible depth perception like the 4 feet looked like 100 and scared the shit out of me. Also the headaches those were pretty bad, sometimes felt like I would just float off the earth if I wasn’t carefully.

Was a fun experience tho felt like I was on the best type of acid honestly.