Third Eye Vision

So, in the mass of spiritual homework ive been given, Ive been tasked with gaining a fuller understanding of my third eye, so that I can utilize it more to my benefit.

My question is, is there anything im SUPPOSED to be seeing/experiencing, or is everyone’s experience with this unique?

Ive read and heard many conflicting reports on this, people who say bullshit like, “when its fully open, youll just KNOW”…other people saying its more of a metaphor for personal perception of your surroundings, and yet other people saying fully affects your normal vision, to the point where youre seeing spirits in the grocery store and such.

Personally, Im at a point where I can close my eyes and walk around my house, do chores, etc with no problems, i just sort of see a murkier version of what i would normally see. I can even drive like this somewhat, but thats a stupid idea and I havent tried it much. My divination exercises are approaching 75-80% accuracy, and my intuition is better than almost all of my other senses combined…I guess im wondering what else there is left for me to do?

I have the nagging feeling that im not quite there yet, so it would be nice to know what sort of things i should be expecting, or any exercises ive missed out on.

Is this what its supposed to be like? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, there are a few tell-tale signs of the ajna chakra getting beefed up and starting to function. The first thing I noticed after doing an exercise over a few days was that when I went outside the world looked the way it had when I was a kid - like some aperture had been forced back open that had shut down somehow. Everything seemed brighter, more spacious, and the world seemed fluid, I myself seemed to be physically lighter and there was a sacred sort of feeling to everything - like being in church. I can still access that at any time, but I have to make a point to shift my attention to it.
I get the murky closed-eye vision sometimes too. Usually everything looks a bit reddish-purple or grey. You might or might not start seeing entities. At first, you’re most likely to see them in the sides of your vision (not, mind you, just barely glimpsing “something” in the corner of your eye you can explain away, so be prepared for that). But full-on stuff can and will happen and those visions can be totally overlaid with physical reality. The first time it happened to me, I was just out for a walk.

As you really develop, you’ll be able to communicate directly with entitles - you’ll come into contact with them just by looking at a sigil or hearing a name. And channeling is pretty easy, in my experience, provided you’re talking to an established entity and not just casting around like a kid with a ouija board.

The ajna chakra is pretty much where magic happens. Part of the info I was talking about on the Black Sun thread had to do with that, so I’d be happy to post that somewhere or other, provided everyone understands that it’s all very hodgy-podgy.

If you’re looking for…impressive things… what you want in the long term is what’s called the Magical Imagination. (among other names). I’m not sure there’s any methodical way to tell someone how to acquire this. It’s the result of a meeting and fusion with the God-self, obviously something It needs to know how to do. It’s like a porous barrier to the God-self. As for what the MI is like… if you take the the clarity, immersion, and intensity of closed-eye hallucinations when you’re really, really stoned… now make yourself perfectly lucid and awake, and make that vision a living conscious emissary of your God-self that responds to your every thought and direction in real time. You can do pretty much anything in this space. You can evoke people and spirits here and interrogate them like a scrying mirror, you can work entire magical operations. It’s like a grown-up version of the “internal vision” that you have to hack it with starting out. For example, if I was performing a ritual to make Jeff give me a lollipop, before I would light the candle or whatever and think to myself “now what does that look like?” And I’d have to dredge up some representative imagery and struggle to see it clearly and hold it in my head while I concentrated awfully hard on the candle or whatever it was. Now, I can just relax and say, “How can I make Jeff give me a lollipop?” And complex, living imagery that I would never be clever enough to think up myself will just come up immediately, and I’ll be asked probing questions to make sure I’ve got everything calibrated to what I really want, and then I’ll get a strong impression of how much energy I need and how forcefully I need to fire it. (For example, big stuff might require temporary possession by my God-self.) It’s like your magical Swiss Army Knife.

So, hopefully that provides some kind of a contrast. There’s murky impressions - internal vision - Magical Imagination.

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Ok, that makes a lot more sense. I thought perhaps your vision eventually changed to the point of seeming like youre on shrooms 24/7. (i wouldnt mind that one bit.)

It seems like it just sort of turbocharges your preexisting senses? Like i have feelers extending out everywhere…

Everything else you mentioned is fairly commonplace for me, especially seeing things out of the corner of my eyes. That scares the shit out of me on a daily basis because Ill think someone will be standing next to me and Ill wonder where the hell they came from.

The intuitional imagery has saved my ass on multiple occasions as well, I find it to be one of the most useful tools a person can develop.

Being stoned definitely helps with the magical imagination bit. Ive noticed I had no trouble with that when I was a kid…hell, most of the techniques Ive learned from EA and others are things that I naturally did out of instinct when I was a child…has anyone else noticed that?

I dont know what happened…probably a mixture of TV and bills, but somewhere along the line I lost that magic, and I miss it. Being stoned puts me right back there, but Im trying to get to a point where that is my reality again, without the aid of chemicals that change my perception.

Thank you for the progress check, now that I have a better idea of whats going on and what effects are “normal”, I feel a lot better about where Im at in my work.

I’m curious if these effects wear off after time or once the eye is “opened” does it stay that way. I experience many of the same things described after a good meditation but the effects wear off throughout the day except for seeing the stuff in my peripheral vision and sometime just a glimpse in front of me.

I’ve also noticed I’m more sensitive to people’s emotions, not in that I care how they feel I can just pick up on others moods more easily. Even if its just a note written to me I get a wave of emotion wash over me as I read it. It doesn’t last long or affect me I any way it’s just something I’ve noticed for about the last week or two.

Sultitan nails it!

in the mastering divination progrm in the theta gamma sync exercise ea states to go into the state nd then there is the guided meditation in which u meet the person frm whom u gonna ask am I to imagine just anyone or does it have to come spontaneously.when I tried the latter no person came to my vision as am I to just imagine any guy or wait nd let it come naturally?it feels like a block when I try to just let the vision come

You know, the Magickal Imagination is a peculiar thing. It’s mainly a matter persistence until your senses learn to translate the energy around you into patterns and archtypes that you can recognize.
I don’t try to visualize or create anything, I “feel” what I want to come in contact with. And I understand that this must sound vague to you. But really that’s the best way I can describe it. What made a huge difference for me was to get familiar with my energy body. That opened up a lot of channels. And, again, persistence…

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Yeah its a fucker to begin with. The more you force it, the less it comes.

Well said, I found this to be true with just about all occult practices. Theta Gamma sync in particular kicked my ass trying to “hold” the trance. Once I learned to let go and let it happen I’m able to hold it much longer.

The only new thing I’ve experienced but was hesitant to post about has been seeing large black bugs crawling around where I sleep and practice meditations and exercises. They’re about the length and thickness of my thumb. The first time I saw one I grabbed a magazine swatted it and there was nothing there, then the other day I put my hand on top of one felt it move and when I pulled my hand back it was gone.

Perhaps I need to do a good banishing, but I hate to when things like this start picking up. It’s as interesting as it is annoying.

To Salaast, in terms of whether you “wait for it” or force it (and references to those “two-distinct states” -in my exper they are distinct). I find accessing a layer of mind, which is also a ‘place’- where you can create images (imagos) is a tool but doesn’t take you to the place where Visions arise. (and reverse, although developing each makes it easier to be capable to accessing the other- from having so developed the skill).

(as an ex seeing a sigil arise in one’s sight vs formulating such a sigil are what I sense as different Modes of Mind (like switching channels)- one can jump from one to the other, and back again- with associated transformations, in a way similiar to leaping “Astral levels” (the Theosophical concept of “planes” that was merged and confused with Sephirot of TreeofLife in GoldenDawn and now thought to be the same)

  • as well as leaping-jumping Dr locations (& then merging-linking Here&There with a portal-translation

Anyway- just to imply some concepts in above in case any find something there- as Salaast mentions “it feels like a block” -that seems relevant and familiar to me (it keeps reoccuring with each new-integration)… I’d say rather than an “energetic-block” its more the [other parts of me] is thinking/knowing if we just sit and allow something to be seen/learned… what precedent does that set? -you Can’t just ask a question and get an answer! (actually can, but that does have impact repercussions)

-also that is a way of experiencing the lack of ones system (physical-physio and mental-emot-persona) all being “ClickedTogether” to be able to operate in this way; thus these developmental exercises (or how ever to refer to this Work) slowly build up and re-structure (in the same way that learning to do a skill requiring greatly increased coordination- new nerve links and mental-patterning of do what when- are developed, else it just isn’t possible… so rather than just “feel confident and do it” I’d say the feeling of its not in reach is the system saying it can’t feel the avail option within the current system’s structure).

Last I’d contrast “activating” 3rd eye and opening it- in terms of Opening a physical eye, vs closing it… it can be on or off (although it being a poss, even if it is closed presently won’t be the same as when it wasn’t a poss before and was closed… diff in that way)… but that’s is different from the “Chakra” opened (open as in the vortex allows a linkage-portal connection… translation between Here&There)… Once it is opened in that way, a geometric-exponential jump in structure occurs (and both of those are still distinct from when the Mainline of lifeforce, that which not only energizes the Beingness of Existence, not just energizes in terms of “feeling movement of energy”-- that which is called Kunda in Vedic tradition, but it is in other systems.)
The Kunda-buffer (as G. I. Gurdjieff termed the Maya-illusion mech, ref: Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson) has been linked to a feeling of tactile energy, as well as to what is written in some texts as chi-like sensations… in the same way that Chakras are both the underlying Assembler-code level gaps in the OS (ala Matrix, in Hack-terms, or better “Words Made Flesh” Dukes, Ramsey)- but Chakras are also seen as sensory-images to trigger the somato-tactile nerve-plexus and thus think-feel in a different way. both of use, but clearly to confuse… (See U G Krishnamurti on Kunda, on Chakras, as well as the “Ult Nature of Reality” and waking up)

thus key, once turn it on can it be turned off? -is there a choice, once one is committed? -neuro-physiologists have a Theory that humans stop developing physically (espec CNS and thus assoc mental-emot) around 8yrs old, perhaps 10 or even 12… but both it ceases to develop structurally, even though development within a stuck structure continues
(ie the pattern jumping to a more complex fractal is different than staying at the same pattern and elaborating upon that pattern… the second can become much “bigger” and even more layered, but is essential the same- as contrasted to how an infant into a toddler, into a young child…

   each discontinuous leap (like when a person shifts from seeing one's backyard as the world, to seeing the World as one's backyard...   and again: seeing the World a bit more 'as it is'... not a little shift: 

that I’d say is more what the Yogi’s-Adepts were referring to as opening… vs seeing via the energetic sense- not the same, but in an analogical linkage helps to see (and thence the poss to expand one’s possibilities, and perhaps to stand in both places and translate between- as a portal- one can become multiple portals)

(perhaps only a couple of ideas should have been in above, vs layering a bunch all together- I could have spelled out/broken out into many different posts, as well as having been more explicit- but I don’t know if anyone would find such of interest anyway, and there may be some that can follow and be familiar with above… if so, I hope this might augment the above discussions, as it seems to me these topics are touched upon in this forum, but not really fundamentally seen- anyway- my post above just one perspective)

and to end comment upon TheWanderingFool, the thumb sized crawlers sound familiar to me as well, I’d caution against the easy interpretation that some pop-writers refer… as the trick is seeing something with one’s Vision and seeing a part of physical Enviro and linking the two as if those “bugs” were in that place… could be, could also be a tone you were experiencing was represented in that way There… for ex, I’ve seen something like that and it was in the same layer apparently (Layer in the ComputerGraphics sense- like audio tracks), while in other times I noticed upon looking “deeper” that is was like the “bugs” were on a layer not the same as the enviro… like a shadow, or a projected image… but in this case both “Images” were real (vs one just being the image while the other is the concrete)… 2concretes, associated (~ Magickal-Link)… and seeing that layer that is InBetween the two… while separating one’s Vision from each (one’s Sight and one’s Mind will try and pull all in together… and perhaps ZoomIn to the bugs- or jump… dream logic style… but Attentional Focus)… may ReVeal aspect not easily put into World nor into Previous Experience…

 ((may reVeal fractured-integration of overall flow- like distortions in a shattered glass-broken mirror/reflection..  when the mirror-glass is smooth the warp/"bugs"? may not..?    not exactly, but a last thought))   

this became longer than I thought to make it, luck to any that read it ^ its about allowing your autonomic system to self-alter its resonance, by
A) focusing upon something not “available” but not completely outside of poss… on the edge of perceivable (liminal) ~an Entity … “AfterlifeHypnos” and
B) while remaining in that connection, staying Present and Integrated (vs one’s Attention dispersing) and release stuck parts… while you hold that, over time one’s Resonance shifts towards or away (like manually tuning a radio dial- station gets a bit louder or a bit more distorted…) but you can’t “do that” consciously-personally…

just like developing a new coordination (or biofdbk of brainwave entrainment), as if knew how one would… its the parts that are not just Stuck, but NeuroMuscular-Amnesia ie not just stuck, but can’t even feel they are stuck, nor that you could move… once re-acquire… the “station” becomes clear

Yep. Whatever you can actually feel is actually there. That’s the trick, isn’t it. Realise the reality of your imagination.

I would think that while something one Contacts can be Felt… something Felt isn’t necessarily contact

(it may be a feeling that something “should be” there, part of mental-expectations, a triggered Memory/a sense of a thought “on the tip of the tongue”, a bit of indigestion, tension stuck in weichi energy/ in tissue (ex backmuscle)

even SomethingSomeoneShadow in the Room… sensed as a Presence- and interpretated as receiving a msg (or reverse, receiving a “msg” and interpret that as if Something is in the Room… ala Evoked into the PlaceOfWorking Enviro.

-with "Omnipresence" (in upon Omniscience) what/where one is sensing..

Yep. Whatever you can actually feel is actually there. That’s the trick, isn’t it. Realise the reality of your imagination.[/quote]

Very true.

The “feeling” makes a lot more sense to me. Its been bothering me for a long time that I cant physically see much more than orbs and sparkles…but almost every time I evoke, when the entity enters the room, I get a feeling thats exactly the same as when someone is sneaking up behind you. So strongly that I often times screw up my ritual by actually getting up and looking behind me. I guess thats really the only proof I need

just to make a comment to TheLotusEater’s comment above (this may already be understood by those reading, but it may add)… to have that “feeling” (of someone behind you- even if they are in front of you, or even of being looked at from “somewhere else” ie as if they are not locally-present but you sense that attn, but also can track back where they are lookin from)

-then try to hold that and let other aspects of your attention flow: sort of like sliding the radio-dial and thinking you heard a song-station but it was a blip, or a staticy-roar… but then you fine-tune it back towards a bit this way and a bit that and it arises…
In a biological sense (vs a machine whether radio or Tv or whatever)- the body not only narrows into the frequency, but also adapts adjusts like an antenna but also a liquid-crystal matix (see Cymatics: Cymatic experiment ) whether fluid, or in the ex of prior video: powder… there is no resistance to adjusting to that resonance.
With a living structure (physically, as well as mentally-persona) there is resistance to changing “too much”… but you can ease into it.

So in short- if you feel something is there, then you can adjust to a greater resonance (and Entities being ‘not from around here’ as you Shift to SEE them, your Enviro will seem less real… less normal, while they become more concrete, more real- however they are interpreted by your system)

  • above is my way of phrasing what EE put in EvokingEternity (“the vision and the voice” chapter) as well as QuestingAfterVisions (the way Entities and elements of your Visions appear, not necessarily obj, but a communication itself
    and as their Appearance is a Communication from the Entity, thus they are helping you attune to perceive them at the same time you are tuning your perception… in this way, seeing some-thing Called Forth has an ease different than scrying (but you still have to hold your attn
    to refer to the above ex of Cymatics- sustaining that consistent frequency-“tone” is like holding your Attn (in a relaxed fashion) if you jump: attn there, off a bit, back on- over there… is like Cymatics with the freq-tone wobbling… so that is the trick (this from a Taoist sorcery perspective- of how Yogic dharana applies to this)

"allowing your system itself to adjust on its own (like gazing at the “magicEye” random dot patterns that can click-be seen as 3d… you can’t figure it out, your brain does it < for a diff application- hidden throughout Casteneda’s writings, not clearly laid out- easily misled: for ref the tale about seeing the bridge appear out of the cloud, when high up in hills > anyway- luck

If your third eye is fully open, you’ll feel the energy flowing out of it, otherwise there will be a pressure behind it.

Perfect, this is the little tidbit of info Ive been looking for. The overwhelming pressure faded away a couple months ago, now its just like having extra powerful eyes or something. Anything I look at I can also “feel”, which makes having anything within a foot or 2 of my face extremely uncomfortable. Kinda weird…

Third eye has a lot to do with the mid-brain:
Millionaire Yoga Training Part 1 - Millionaire’s Brain & Third Eye Initiation By Dr. Pillai

You and others are way ahead of most of us on this third eye tool. I had a dream of driving down a road. I saw two deer on my right, then two more deer on my right. Twelve hours later, on that same area, I saw two deer on my right, then two deer again on my right.
Never before have I had a dream like that nor experienced it in life.
The dream, then the reality 12 hours apart.
And I can’t even turn it on and off at will.
Is this experience like a ‘future pulling on the present/remote viewing’ episode?
Any, to do the stuff some of you can do, impressive.

When I open my third eye I can clearly see energy.

I once charged a sigil with my athame, drawing power from the heart chakra, into my arm and letting it flow into the sigil. When I took my arm away from the sigil, I clearly saw a pretty thick yellow line, like a faint glowing light that just remained in the air, floating, as a trace of the energy flow. I was pretty amazed by this so I did it again, just to be sure I’m not crazy. Aaaand yea, same result!