Third Eye Pain When Contacting People

Sometimes when we contact a specific person, a sudden pain in third eye chakra area occures around forehead and between eye brows, it’s more like a vibration of hummer knocking on your forehead.

Why does this happen? and only when we contact specific people, while for other people it doesn’t happen. Vibrating third eye chakra.

Is it a pain or more like an intense pressure?
It simply sounds like your third eye is active. Perfectly healthy and normal. ^^

Yes just as you said.
More pressure than usual.

Then as I’ve said, it’s your third eye being active, and it’s a perfectly normal thing. ^^ Nothing to worry about at all.

But why it would make a stronger contact against specific people, while against others it’s much lower?

There gotta be a reason for this, right?

It could just be energy moving, which is a good sign. Perhaps that person has a stronger than normal link you you? Some people are what I call ‘strong senders’ while others keep thier energy more to themselves.

As you develop the sense, it should be able to handle the energy better and stop being so intense, although the energy flow isn’t lessened.


This could be a major problem for many, not just me, and especially while in a room with 360 lighting. It causes confliction in vision and deep painful headache in forehead area. Being unable to focus on any object or person.

What are possible solutions for this?

I feel like its a strong placebo, but it might be something else I really dont know of either.Anyways use that pressure for opening that third eye, see if it works, better than nothing after all.

Can you please explain this point.
When you pay attention to some person and change your eye sight direction into the theirs, a strong sense of energy occur, it’s more like an explosion of energy around the whole head not just on the forehead area. Why this happens only with specific people.

Also, when sudden/unexpected noise occers, strong energy comes from the ears to the outside. Do you know what this means?

I’m am empath, so this is all in the context of emotions:
‘Strong senders’ are those people that without extra effort on my part I automatically sense more emotional energy from, and I might get astral messages from them even if they’re meant for others, and generally ‘pick up’ thier feelings and energy state more than normal.

I think they are generally more yang people - often men (I’m female and naturally yin) with high energy levels - and since I’m very yin in other ways, it’s like having a difference in potential energy (physics) - thier energy flows very easy to me, like a stone rolling down a steep slope.

If there’s a “cord” - an energetic link - between us it can verge on telepathy. It can be shut down if all cords are cut and I avoid all contact including hearing about them.

Regarding ‘explosions’ of energy - if you’re feeling it like that, it may be that this energy is more than you’re used to handling, your pathways are too narrow. So this is like trying to force high pressure water through a small hose - it must run very fast to get through. If you focus on exercises that visualise widening your meridians so you can handle greater energy flow that should help. The side effects will lessen but the energy flow stays the same.

This also points to great sensitivity coupled with narrow pathways. You can receive a lot of energy but aren’t processing it quickly enough. Doing meditation to cultivate your energy should help gently and gradually widening all your pathways (meridians) so you can handle more energy comfortably.

I prefer qigong as my paradigm for studying human energy flows. Its more technical and allows for this kind of detailed study. As ever, I recommend Jwing Ming Yang’s book ‘The Root of Chinese Qigong’ as a great guide and reference.


Contacting people ?

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That’s Interesting. Thank you very much for providing this detailed information and replying to me.

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It occurs while talking/paying attention/responding to a person in front of you.

The strange thing is that ones you make a contact with the specific person (attention with eye sight) the energy flow starts immediately, and then it won’t stop even after the contract since you are near that person, juat as if your eye contact established a connection. It stops when you get away from the specific person.

I find it itchy and irritating, like a sweaty thumb on your head. Sometimes cold.