Third eye opening - How to do it?

I have meditate for som time and I can feel my third eye. But thats it… So if there is some of you her that have sucessfully manage to open the energy center in the forehead then plz tell me about it. I know there is more than me her that needs to know. I have almost lost hope. I need som advice how to continue to meditate. Mutch love and respect //A💓


Get the book energy work from Robert Bruce.
Learn to open energy blockages to have more energy flow into your main energy centers.
As you start opening energy blockages within your hands and feet this can also stimulate your chakras.

Also work on lower chakras to balance yourself and chakras


Thx i will take a look. :grin:


Not entirely sure if this will help you or not but when I discovered my spirit guardian my third eye or whatever started to open to the point where i’m able to read auras and delve into someones life to see different aspects of it. I’d try finding your spirit guide if I was you. You might have the same luck as me. Also try meditating more. Meditation is a godsend.


Thx i don’t know how to get a proper answer when i ask The name of my Guardian demon. So how did you get to know Who he/she was? Yes i wan’t to meditate as often i can. Every day for some time would be best! :blush:


They kind of came to me and mine isn’t a demon it’s a draconic spirit. Try meditating or silencing your mind. You may hear something that will help you find your guardian.

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Its like flexxing your arm.

First the will to flex

Second the intention

Third the action(focus on the area of the muscle)

Fourth the execution(you try to flex therefor it flexes).

Do the same except focus on the center of your brow


What method of meditation do you use?

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Mantra, meditation, there are many ways. SOme tibetan school literally crack it open with a hammer and 9 foot nail.

Try looking For some decent binaural beats. Can come very handy to get you in the right brainwaves. Also try scying into a obsidion mirror.



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I’d like to to give you a few commonly refered to methods on here:

  1. The Blue Ray Meditation - E.A Koetting
  2. Bija mantras
  3. The already mentioned work of Robert Bruce - or the Mastering Kundalini and Energy Work video course.
  4. Kuji in - by Maha Varhja.

One or two of this should help you along just fine. If you want to hear about the results of that let me know and I’ll send you a PM.


I wanna hear about the results! Thank u :blush:

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Hang on…


@BeastCreature is unblock the same as opening a chakra? :thinking:

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Depends on the reason of blocking.
If is parasites, you will need help from someone advanced


I too would like the answer to that question.

How would one know if its a parasite?


Ohhh there is a bunch a ways. It would bother especially during meditation.
Best way to find out I think you would need a proper scan.


I call up on Lucifer and Satan. Saying out loud my affirmation :loud_sound:. In The name of Lucifer banish! And in the name of Satan banish! Thinking of the target i wan’t to be gone. Walking around my house sprinkling pure salt water Infused with golden light. That seems to me to do the trick. I can’t feel any energy in my house after this “Ritual” i must say. Complete balance. :sunglasses::stars: