Third Eye Burning?

Has anyone else felt like this happening to them? Share your experience if you’d like!

I don’t want to get into too much detail because of reasons, however, my Third Eye was already opened years before today. Today after a vision or astral projection, my body instinctively curled up in a fetal, defensive position, with my hands covering my Third Eye. My mind was fine, but my body moved on its own accord. Like my body was scared or something. The vision was intense but I was also in awe. The Entities that I worked with weren’t mad at me. I saw one of their faces. I usually ‘see’ them, or do astral projection, and before any of this even happened I heard a voice saying “Wake Up”. And when I was curled up in hiding, one of the Entities called my name, not like they were mad but more like, calling my name to come out of my shell so to speak.
My Third Eye feels like it was set on fire though. It still feels like it burns after my session!

Sounds like more energy was passing through it than you are used to. Rest well and heal, you will naturally recover in a few days. :slight_smile:

Next time the same level of energy should not feel so intense as you will adapt to manage it,.

Maybe also make sure that in doing these exercises you are developing all energy points evenly and staying connected to the Earth so excess energy has a safe place to go, which is to ground.

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Thank you for the advice!
Yeah I am definitely gonna take it easy haha