Thinking probabilities

Many of us (if not everybody :grin:) have sometimes tried to use magick to obtain a prize in a lottery. It seems clear that no entity can provide a jackpot winning, be it by means of giving you the correct numbers or making your previosly selected numbers become the winners. The most accepted explanation is that the odds are astronomically against you and, therefore, the spirit is unable to foresee the future when the probability is 1 in 100 millions. But, and this is my question, if the probability of winning was just 1 in 2 (a 50% of winning), wouldn’t be a powerful demon able to see this much “easier future”?. If this is possible, then making millions would be piece of cake, for instance in the stock market. Al I need to know is if the stock XYZ is going to be up or down tomorrow, and make the corresponding bet, day in, day out

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Have you tried searching the forum? I know there were several previous threads where people have described their experiences using spirits to divine the stock market. Their success rate wasn’t very high though, if I remember correctly.

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Yes, I have done the search. My question was directed to know the possible reasons for the inability in foreseeing the future in cases where there are only two possible outcomes (the stock market was just an example)

There are never just two possible outcomes. It might look like that on the outside but there are always variables that you can’t see, and probabilities fluctuate so much, that even a so-called 50/50 chance isn’t really 50/50.

Take a simple coin flip, for example. You would think that the only two possible outcomes are either one side or the other. But what happens if it lands upright? That’s a low probability outcome, sure, but it is still a possible outcome, so your 1/2 chance is really a 1/3 chance.


So that explains that the demon cannot predict if the coin is going to fall head or tails, because 1 in 10000 trials the coin can land upright? I don’t get it. But anyway, thanks for your answer

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Spirits are powerful, yes, and their perspective is more far reaching than ours, but contrary to popular opinion, they are not infallible, nor can they foresee every possible probability. Sometimes, they are just flat out wrong in their predictions.


It’s probability, and you have not manifested which universe you are going to be in yet. They all exist for you until the moment of choice. You can see the patterns of probability, but in this case the patten says “he’ll flip a coin”, fixing down which future you’ll go into is up to you not the entity.

Remote viewers, when they get really accurate do well on this, but as they don’t want the attention or lots of people asking them to do it for them, they won’t mention it. They are usually less interested in the material and are on a different path as well, so it won’t show up as flashy stuff, they pay off depts and live quietly finding missing persons for the police and things.

When you get that good that scarcity is not a thing for you, you lose the urgency to get stuff and you whole game changes. However, the kind of people that have the capacity to work this diligently and steadily to build these skills usually are already advanced beings and are coming from lived they already built to be stable and reasonably comfortable, they work hard and have steady family and career lives. Some of them do use their skills for the stick market very well. But they don’t consider themselves black magicians, don’t work with entities and don’t come to sites like this… to talk to them you have to widen your approach and go where they are.