Thinking of substituting ingredients in spell i found

So i fiund this feminization spell that calls for certain ingredients the only one i don’t have is Dried red clover, so i was thinking of substituting the Red Clover with one of my Estrogen pills. Do you think this would help cover the same purpose or should i substitute with something else?

  • Dried spearmint leaves
  • Dried red clover flowers
  • A pinch of nutmeg
  • A pinch of salt
  • Moonwater (search the tag “moonwater” on my blog for more on this)
  • A ceramic mug, it must be ceramic
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Well. I don’t see any reason not to, but what I’d ask myself in this case is what does the red clover represent or what is it supposed to represent and what magical properties are thought to be had with red clover?

Like it might just be a representation, in which case the estrogen pill covers it, your mind knows what you’re talking about now.

But red clover might also have magical properties that relate and be a part of the reason it was chosen, if so I’d take a look at the other ingredients and see if they cover it.

They probably do, but if they didn’t- I’d look up the aspect not covered specifically for herbs to cover it in hopes I have one in my cabinet.

I also think your intuition usually knows what it’s doing, so if it said hey let’s use this, that’s usually the way to go, but I still often consider the finer details too. But not always, if it’s a strong gut instinct I usually just follow it.

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As @Keteriya said if the red clover has a magical symbolism then artifical drugs won’t have the same effect: the synthetics are kind of deader than hers that have an entity associated with them.

I might try herbs associated with women’s reproductive health. Chase Berry, dong quai, shatavari, evening primrose oil, even soy (the phytoestrogens in it are femininising and reduce testosterone).

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