Thinking: Money Magic Thread

This thread is solely about MAGICAL reasons a black magician may be having difficulty manifesting money of any amount.

Not mundane reasons.
Not political reasons.
Not 'beliefs" and “thoughts/mental vibrations”.
Not any of that bullshit.

Please list any gnosis you may have on this. And any possible solutions. Fuck magical poverty. Lets fix this shit.
And yes im very angry and pissed lol

Ready, set, go…

Simple Question:
Why is it so hard for a Black magician to manifest any amount of money?


It’s strange. There are people who have manifested rainstorms of incredible intensity, but a few crappy scraps of social currency is too much because it involves getting shit from “other people”.



No confidence in it working, or a self limiting belief, not making contact with wealth spirits, not getting and following the spirits direction to manifesting it. In terms of lotteries, the idea that your over competition is very strong.


A spirit stealing it like monkey in the middle. Not giving offerings or keeping up an end of a pact.

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Its like we mages have a focus of manipulating possible sources which then become empty mirages we relied upon all wrong all along x

I think a fresh new approach would to be to tap all known and unknown sources ?


Like in my case, a past life binding of prosperity by some uppity “higher power” due to the “sin” of greed.


I have the same issue as pinpointed by many friends x but my take on this is why is being greedy a sin x


That’s why I put the word in quotation marks. I don’t consider it a sin, but I think maybe whatever being did the binding possibly did, since it was prosperity in particular that was bound.


Ever had a feeling the so called binding keeps on leading us to dead ends? Been experiencing too many of these x


@Lady_Eva did some petitioning on my behalf a while back, when I was broke and homeless, and that is how I found out about the binding. She spoke to Odin, as well as a spirit that looked like an African shaman, and they both gave me some tasks to complete, like doing an act of charity, and offerings to release the binding.

I did them to the best of my ability at the time, so as far as I know, the binding has been released, or at least alleviated. I haven’t done any big acts of financial magick to test the waters so I can’t be sure.

Even Belial had mentioned there was a spiritual drag on my earthly prosperity. It was his way of pointing out that there is no separation between the two.


I got great help from our friend @Micah.He was right about the generational curse.

Even my Vedic (Indian) astrological chart shows some major financial mishandling in my last life.

I guess, being mages in this life too (the attraction to magic never goes away) we need to find ways to break these chains once and for all.


I just gazed at Pursons sigil and repeated the enn to bring in a continual income stream, in exchange for one incense stick per day burned in his honor (I don’t have income, but I do have incense, my candles and incense are my most valuable resources. Funny thing was when I was trying to figure out how to make a humble amount with 10 hour increments per week was two pages away from Pursons sigil in the book.


The best form of money manifestation that is rather “easy” for many mages is through djinns .But a pact is needed and you would offer it offerings ,food in exchange it will do your bidding but should you neglect it or break the pact ,well you’re definitely dead .
Djinn money magick is really powerful and effective


Tell us more about it.Have you tried it?

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I have been thinking about it lately: mankind transformed money into a god. Money wants worship. He is a jealous god… he demands all of our attention!


Many don’t recognize the opportunity when it is finally given to them. Others are not willing to take. Some choose the wrong targets and means to get what they are wanting. Also the ‘warning’ stories of family members dying to bring money certainly doesn’t help if anything it makes that possibility all the more possible by programming that fear in where it would never have been a problem unless your truly subconsciously wanted that person dead or don’t care about them enough to really care either way. If you care about someone enough there is almost certainly a few subconscious rules set up that they are off limits to be affected directly in a negative way.


One factor to consider is any previous financial “roofs” your subconscious may have set up early in life. If you have this “roof” your own subconscious can and will activly work against any money magick aimed at going past that roof.

This was one thing i had to aim a cannon at so to speak before my income to a solid jump in relation to the magick i was doing. Need to do another round to blast and raise the roof again :fire:

In this case magick to expand your financial boundaries may help. Also ive found Napoleon hills work and the like help with reprogramming the subconscious to get on the same page instead of it trying to throw up roadblocks.


lol, if that is a simple question then you would probably fry my brain with a complicated one.

A few thoughts do come to mind, though.

  • Visualization. It is not the easiest thing in the world to visualize, accurately, in emotion or any other aspect of having money if you have never had it in the first place. Now, many people can effectively manifest a certain amount magickally, but there is usually a cap to what they can pull. Maybe it is $100, maybe $1,000, but there is usually a cap. I think that in a way it goes hand in hand with the economic ‘roof’ you are born into. Also, probably why nobody really hits the PowerBall jackpot with magick that we know of. You don’t know what you don’t know. The solution? Work the money magick you can pull off, and reinvest the take. Use magick to support your investment. When your means have increased and you then know what it feels like to financially ‘level up’ from a level of experience, your visualization will improve accordingly and your next round of money magick should theoretically be able to draw more.

  • Proper planetary influences. Jupiter. Learn it, live it, love it. No, really, exploring all aspects of Jupiter kind of automatically lays out some important subtleties of how money works, from the benevolent to the debased.

  • Stacking money magick. There are ways to do it having your magick trip over itself. Quarterly prosperity rituals, the innocuous sigil put in plain sight where you work or brainstorm, servitors, etc. If you break it up right, you can then use individual spells to influence specific scenarios which could effect the flow of money you are establishing, as opposed to casting when you need the cash.

  • I know you said nothing mundane, but let’s face it; there is nothing mundane to being able to create money, otherwise we would not be needing this thread, yes? So, if magickians want to make money using money magick then it makes sense to learn a thing or two about how to create wealth in the mundane sense. It really does translate. Magick in general usually works best with the appropriate supporting action, so why would money magick be an exception?


You are not entirely wrong on that one. What is money in the first place? It does not represent any physical commodity any more, so really, all it is is a manipulatively valuated measure of human time, expenditure of energy and attention. Worship is certainly a kind of attention.


Genius @Woodsman81
Well thought out. Thanks!

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