Thinking about working with Santa Muerte

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For those who aren’t familiar with Mexican folk traditions, Santa Muerte is a Saint of sorts, but in a dark way. She is commonly connected with the Grim Reaper. Even though her origins are Catholic, the Catholic Church doesn’t support recognition of her, yet she is often valued and even worshipped among the hispanic Catholic daispora, most commonly by minorities like the LGBT+ community and immigrants. For this reason, she is associated with protection as well as death.

Santa Muerte cults are common in Mexico, from where she originated. Practices involving her in rituals often have Catholic elements like prayer beads with a cross on it (often modified to show Santa Muerte), but there are elements of African-origin traditions like Voodoo.

I want to work with Santa Muerte because I am part of the LGBT+ community and I have interests in Latino culture. She also seems to have called to me on a few occasions. I would like to know if anyone has has ever worked with her or are also interested to.

Thank you in advance.


Very interesting! I have nothing to add, but I just wanted to comment so I can get notifications on the topic.

Really good topic!

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If you search “Muerte” on here you’ll get some great topics, including by a member called Euoi who hasn’t been on here recently, but she helped me to connect with Santisima Muerte (the name I used).

Here are a couple of her posts:

My experience was a bit different but very powerful:


Thank you for pointing this out. I’m still trying to get accustomed to the search engine on here, it hasn’t exactly been in my favor.


Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

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Ah, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, Lady Eva! <3