These two cards keep showing up

This is my first post. I’m a longtime lurker of the website and forum. I study goetic demons, thelema, hermetic qabalah, paganism, chaos magick, etc.

I’ve been performing a ritual with the demon Forcalor/Focalor to… remove a very dangerous and abusive person from my life and the lives of my family. This is the first time that I have been truly invested in the outcome of a ritual.

I just recently got into tarot. Since I began performing the Bornless ritual prior to evoking Focalor, these two cards always end up right beside each other in my daily divinations. I shuffle. I manually place them apart, shuffle again, and yet every time they find a place next to each other in my hand.

What is your interpretation as to why this is occurring? I know that Crowley placed the Unicersal Hexagram in the deck, and it supposedly has no meaning akin to a joker card… but I left it in my deck because I’m convinced it does have meaning. I’m just not sure what that meaning is.

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.

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Thanks! Just introduced myself.

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Hey there! Do these cards co-incide with readings you’re doing about the spell? Or do they just keep popping up regardless of topic?

The hexagram is a joker card because its ‘empty’, AKA it gets meaning from the other cards in the reading. So if you keep thinking about a spell or looking for its products, this might be Focalor telling you to stop with the shenanigans.


Yep. These last 3 days, I haven’t picked up the deck for any other reason. I guess I need to tone down my lust for results, eh?

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Haha, that’s one way to put it. The trick for when you’re trying to let a spell resolve is to put your focus into ‘candidates’, things in your life (or someone else’s, no judgement here!) that could use a good tweaking for whatever reason.

A fair warning is that this sometimes backfires and you can’t stop thinking about the one spell. Gordon White has a good solve for that, using a network of sigils, something he refers to as “shoaling”.

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