Theory on Pain and Meditation

If one of the main goals of meditation is to learn how to control one’s thoughts and be able to focus on that which the magician desires to manifest, then it must be asked why meditation succeeds in doing this.

What is the main reason that diverts and distracts humans away from pursuing their goals? It is pain.

Pain induced by failures, physical pain, the loss of something, or whatever induces the pain along the path to the completion of one’s goals is the main reason that causes an incentive not to pursue that goal. The pain may be too much to handle for one to complete that goal one is attempting to complete and so one stopped pursuing it.

People who experience more pain in life are able to withstand pain in life easier and are able to continue to focus on manifesting their desires more than someone else who has not experienced much pain.

What is one of the most common causes of pain in an individual? It is boredom.

Is meditation not just purposely induced boredom? From that boredom is caused pain which the individual must resist if they want to continue to focus on that desire they are trying to manifest. So then is meditation’s utility when trying to increase the ability of a person to focus on manifesting their goals achieved through building merely one’s tolerance to pain through extreme boredom? If so, could one just induce other painful experiences such as failure or hardship to build the will of oneself so that it is as strong as someone who meditates frequently?

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Really? Mine is more like curiosity. For others it’s being horny, or distracted by the addictive dopamine hits from social media… Everybody is different. I wouldn’t assume everyone has the same motivations all the time here. :thinking:

Not really. If meditation is boring for you I think you’re not meditating, you’re going through the motions and that’s not the same thing. I don’t even tr to do zazen, which is stilling the mind, I do workings… with energy, traveling or studying something. I’m never bored.

Nah, get busy and do something useful. There are many forms of meditation, sounds like you need to find one that works better for you.

Kind of…strengthen your will by practicing using it, but it doesn’t have to suck. You can develop your will by setting up a regular gym workout for example, which is not easy to keep up, but benefits in both health and in strengthening the will.

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