Theistic model and clairs

A question for those that subscribe to the theistic model (‘gods exist outside of my psyche’):
Whenever you receive a message via clairs, is it automatically an entity (whether that may be a god/dess, spirit of the dead, whatever), or can you also receive clair messages from your own psyche?

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The answer is No, it’s not automatically an entity, however that isn’t to say it’s not coming from one.
Basically speaking if having worked with entities or communicated with them, there can be residuals that were not at the time prepared for on the spiritual/energetic level.
I’m going to suppose that you “subscribe to a model” of a different type hence the question.
In all technicality most messages coming from the psyche are not of the self anyway, unless all attachment has been cleared away, and while a vessel and conduit, the human systematically picks up energies from other sources on a consistent basis which interferes for the most part with any rational view of self identification.
You can very much receive messages from yourself…that are buried in the subconscious, though to consider the two the same would be a mistake.


Excuse me for my ignorance,

But, where does the line between the
“Self” and the “World” is drawn?

Thank you for your time,

It’s not automatically external, and can be you talking to yourself. You want the latter as much as possible.

Depends which level of reality you are operating at. Down here in the 3rd-4th-5th dimensions, we are distinct incarnated entities separate from the universe.
At higher levels you realise you are the universe and everyone here is just another instance of you.

You could think of it like a game avatar - if your game avatar stopped questing to ask why you were playing it, and what you were doing instead of following the game programming, you wouldn’t have a very fun game. You created the avatar to win at PvP not navel gaze, and being human is in some respects a bit like that - you are your own avatar.


Thank you guys for responding. I actually do subscribe to the theistic model for now.
The reason I asked this question was that I received what I believe to be my first clairaudiant message and it being a message from my subconscious was far more likely in this case because of what was said. It couldve been an entity but it felt like a stretch so I wanted to make sure Im not deluding myself.
Im even more confident now that it was from the subconscious after reading your responses.


That’s not ignorance.

The self, starts off as your own nature/spirit and then in turn your mind and body, we are therefore connected to the Earth/World.
The world is another being of it’s own right, we are in it and of it, and as conduits we affect it, as it does affect us.
Very simplistic, but that’s the gist.

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