The Wynnes of Change (My Journal)

So since E.A. issued his 7 day evocation challenge, I figured this was a good time to start a journal. This first entry will be very long, so if you read it all, I thank you, and hope you’ll find something to make it worthwhile. Without further ado…

Day 1: I decided to evoke Haures first for a couple of reasons: 1) The skillset mentioned in DoM and GG (Goetia Guide) sounded very interesting to me.

(Adventures in Haures Sitting Part 1)

In my evocations so far, I have typically gotten a very specific masculine or feminine vibe from the spirit. For example, when working with Duke Sargatanas and King Paimon (stay tuned for future flashback episodes featuring those experiences) both were very masculine, so I worked with them man-to-man so to speak. When working with Ladilok, she was feminine for miles and thus we had a great time. :wink:

If it were up to me, all spirits would manifest as attractive women. What can I say, I enjoy woman kind. :smirk: In the case of Haures, it was pretty neutral, so I just expected a feminine manifestation. It stayed neutral.

I worked with her (still gonna say “she” because reasons) about some baneful work, and that was pretty much it. Still her presence was not as strong as other evocations have been and it was odd to me.

I should say that for the last couple of weeks, I have had some off and on issues with tiredness and felt almost like a parasite was possibly picked up along the way. Despite banishings (maybe I need to step them up even more :thinking:) something was lingering off and on. Last night was really bad. A couple of hours after the evocation, it felt like this massive presence was around and was trying to depress me. It almost felt like the dark night of the soul, but wasn’t that.

I woke up today and it still persisted. It was crazy! It felt like a malevolent force was trying to destroy me, get me to give up magick, etc. I’ve been accused (I like to think falsely :sunglasses:) of hubris at times, but not uncertainty. I decided to take a nap to reboot. Then it happened…

“Shriek!!!” I was awakened from a deep sleep by an audible scream right by my face. It was a massive shriek that sounded like an animal had just been killed right beside my ear. What was interesting was that I noticed the horrible feelings were gone. Not better, but 100% gone! This was delightful and made me curious, so I decided to do some divination with Pindy (my pendulum) and Mat (see below)…


This post was so long, to make it easier to read I’m going to finish it in the next post…


Adventures in Haures Sitting (Part 2)

So I decided to talk to Pindy and Mat to see who was responsible for possibly killing (removing) the possible parasite that make the audible death screech.

Me: Was that sound the sound of an entity being killed or removed?

Pindy: Yes

Me: Who was responsible for helping? Another entity?

Pindy: Yes

Me: Was it an angel?

Pindy: No

Me: A demon?

Pindy: (Strong) Yes

Me: Was it Haures?

Pindy: No

Me: Okay. Can you and Mat spell out who it was?

Pindy and Mat: H…A…U…R…E…S

Me: So it was Haures?

Pindy: No

Me: I’m confused.

Pindy: Yes (probably laughing gleefully to herself at my expense)

Me: Let’s try again.

Pindy and Mat: F…L… (I expect “A” next as if it’s going to spell Flauros the alternate name for Haures, but no instead) …U. Then it starts wildly hovering over the, “Check Again” square on Mat. I suddenly get an idea or finally maybe hear what they have been trying to tell me all along…

Me: Was it Duchess Haures?

Pindy: (Crazy excitedly) YES!!!

Me: Okay. Now I get it. Well after her dealing with that parasite, I will call her whatever she wants. She’s more than earned my respect. (Some spirits really want you to use their titles. Some don’t care as much. It seems like Duchess/Duke Haures really digs it.)

Pindy then said to check again and showed me an interesting date regarding my request to Haures last night. I’ll add more later if that bears out.

Someone is getting an extra snack in the offering plate soon. Thanks Duchess Haures! You rock!!

Stay Tuned…


So I have been continuing the EA Evocation challenge. I have several I will post about in the coming days. A few days ago I decided to contact Amy for the first time.

Using the GoM method, I called her and spoke to her about assistance with novel writing, music, and creativity. I also asked her about helping to find treasures when the sorcerer will act upon the information (from DoM). Well the results for me have been nothing short of astounding.

Firstly, on the hidden treasures topic. Not even 5 minutes after the ritual was completed, I checked my email. There was something new that was a business opportunity to develop new side streams of income that I had no knowledge of prior. I’m already setting up some of it up.

Secondly, on the writing assistance. I forgot to mention I also asked her to unlock the portion of my mind associated with her (thanks to @Mapachtli for the great info and massive evocation challenge). Over the past 3 days, I have written more than I ever have in the same period of time. It’s like my hands can’t keep up with the information in my head. I have written in 3 days what would be about the length of 2 novels. It’s never happened this fast before for me.

So needless to say, big shout out and Hail Amy! for the epic help. I highly recommend her to people in creative fields or looking to act upon some financial ideas you might not know about. To me, she also had a really gentle presence. Don’t know how that compares to other’s experiences with her.

I’ll add more evocation accounts later on or maybe once I pop out a couple more novels over the next week. Amy’s got my back! :comet:


Deleted Scenes from the previous post. I forgot to mention that I’ve also written 2 new songs since working with Amy, and recorded one today. She’s very inspiring.

@Unknown_Occultist: Did you finish your challenge?

@Addi666 this is the pendulum you were asking about. I have a few, but I find I use this one the most.


Nice one in copper right? :slight_smile:

I have one onyx crystal and silver chain.

Update on the radionic box i have put in the crystals. :slight_smile:

My pedulum.

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Yes. It’s a copper one. I like the feel of it and I feel like it is very accurate.

I dig the radionic box progress. :ok_hand:t4: I have a box I want to use for the base of mine. I just need to put the time into making it.

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I started the challenge, and then it turned into a path working.

Things are very interesting right now.

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@bunny4cam have you ever worked with Amy? As a fellow writer, I’m curious to see if you might get a similar results.

It’s crazy how fast it happened with her. Reading my post from earlier almost sounds like someone LARPing, but it’s 100% true. If you haven’t worked with her, you might get some big benefits. :sunglasses:


That sounds cool. If you get to a point where you feel like sharing, I’d enjoy hearing your experiences.

I haven’t yet and what post what were your results

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Read above in this journal. I put the details. It’s crazy amazing!

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She was on my list to call but now I think tonight will be the night I call it’s been hard getting sleep and for the most part staying awake I think I’m good to call tonight

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Excellent! I hope you have a similar experience. I’m writing so much that my main limitation right now is just how fast I can type.

Let me know what happens when after you talk to her.

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I will most definitely let you know

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Amy is really crazy like that. It’s is almost like an adrenaline booster for your mind. Rate for spell work as well.


That’s awesome. I’m glad to hear the confirmation. It felt like that scene in the matrix when Neo can start calling in weapons and items from nowhere.

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