The Wormwood Prophecy and the Dragon Apothos

Hello guys.
Recently well known Judeo-Christian Oromancer, Thomas Horn, prophecised from a dream he was given that on Friday the 13th of April 2029 that a meteor will impact the earth.

Watch “Will an Asteroid Hit Earth in 2029? | End Times Prophecy Explained” on YouTube

He claims NASA is covering up the potential of 10s of millions of people dieing as a result. In his dream he sees Apothos, (Named after an Egyptian Chaos Dragon) break in half and impact where California and Mexico meet in the Baja area and the other half impacts the Pacific Ocean causing incredible tsunamis. You can look up Apothos yourself it is absolutely a real thing though NASA claimed it has less that a 3% chance it will hit earth in 9 years.
What do you guys think? Is this yet another transmutation for the human species?
If this actually happened would it end life as we know it once and for all?
Research the topic. Consult the spirits. Come to your conclusions. I’d love to hear about it.

-Cade S.

There’s a few more astronomers around than just NASA, amateurs and professionals would all be talking about this by now if it was a thing. If it’s supposed to be here in 5 days, it would have been independently spotted weeks if not months ago.

Actually 5 days and 9 years. But the point still stands, I agree with Maul. Being JCI already made him loose his credibility (not that he had any) with me. Moreover all the other doomsday prophecies have yet to happen and on time for that matter. To me he is using current events to gain popularity.

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lets play a thought game !

asteroid already hitted moon and took 1/3 of it and drove earth of course thats why we are having all these electromagnetic difficulties and global warming ! (there is hologram blockin us for seeing it) !

but thats it, i dont believe asteroid will directly hit earth, as long as we have telecommunications

No no not 5 days. 9 years.

I personally do not think we should completely throw out anything and everything that he says simply because he is a Christian. I was born into a very religious Fundamentalist Baptist family, (very biblically structured, very strict.) For more than 20 years I was heavily involved in the Judeo-Christian belief system as well as researching end times prophecies. Satan was my enemy and I was going to be with Jesus when he came for me… It was my study of occultism that brought me out of that sheeple lifestyle and finding power within the Dark.
I say all this to point out that most of us spend our lives peering through a key hole thinking that we see the full picture. Some of us are born with abilities to peek behind the door. I believe Tom Horn could be someone who without working with the occult may have natural abilities of Oromancy.
You can look it up for yourselves. This guy had dreams before 2010 that the Pope would step down from office, (an event that had not occurred in more than 600 years,) and be replaced by another. He published a book a few years before the event and when it happened he was contacted by major networks wanting to know how he got that info. He has had other “Prophecies” in dreams as well that I wont go into right now but it all has me questioning what humanity can expect in our future of evolution. The Gate Keepers are moving things and the Infernal Empire is on its way to us.

Dragon_Witch already pointed that out :wink: Cheers though. Doesn’t really change my point, as also noted.

There is a non-zero chance that an asteroid large enough not to break up in the atmosphere and cause damage could hit Earth again, sure. We watch the skies and we will know about it. It’s one area where prophecy is obsolete, so this, is really just irrelevant.

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Thw wormwood prophecy had been talked aout by Art Bell and I believe Fr. Malachi Martin back in the 90’s. The world was supposed to end multiple times by now. We’re still here.


Doomsayers…he’s a businessman trying to make a buck off the gullible…which in and of itself speaks volumes…

Anyone remember Nibiru, pplanet X? That was an amusing farce that had ppl for a while…I’d sy the idea of making something up, and putting it out there as an eggregore amuses, and the more fear u evoke, the more energy to tap…gives me some amusing ideas