The Watchers/ Grigori

If one looks at classical depictions of the demiurge; particularly his Orphic manifestation; Phanes, one can see that it combines both solar and Saturnian (serpentine) symbolism; both night and day.


Could you do one for sathariel please? I want to know anything possible about him (I can’t find anything AT ALL about him… I even read the whole book of enoch even though it isn’t even a reliable source right?) Like what can he do, what is his energy like, maybe his sigil? What does he think about the story from enoch; angels just wanting to sleep with human women? And if it’s really true did they love them or just a quick fuck with as many women as possible? (That question is for all watchers, if you know please do tell me :slightly_smiling_face: )

I am sorry to ask, normally I would ask them myself but I am kinda occupied with other deities right now :roll_eyes:

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@FraterMagni Kokabiel can also teach the mage to utilize the Zodiac in Magick

That’s really interesting. I’ll PM ya :+1:

I’m quite curious are female watchers existed or even possible? I don’t see anything about them but only male watchers.

As far as I understand the mythology, it is about how the sexuality of women lured the angels from their appointed duty and led to their “fall” so, for that to work, all the Watchers would have to be male.

So it’s all a sausage party up there until they fell…

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Pretty much. A bunch of androgynous pretty boys couldn’t keep it in their tunic.



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You still here bud?

I have a question

Shamsiel is said to lead 365 legions of lesser angels in the Zohar and it is said that he was assigned by God to guard the [Garden of Eden]after [Adam and Eve]were expelled; comparable to [cherubim] There is apparently some disagreement in sources as to whether Shamsiel is a fallen angel; he is still regarded as the ruler of the 4th Heaven.

What’s the truth there?

Shemyaza, where and how do I fit into the field od magic, and the greater purpose to my life and those around me?