The Universal Method Of Invocation - Works For Any Spirit (Video)

The Universal Method Of Invocation - Works For Any Spirit

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Your videos are amazing. :heart_eyes:
I am a complete beginner into vampirism and I tried your method of contact vampirism and I absolutely felt the energy travelling from my target to me.
I didnt know very well how to siphon energy … but my target energy had the pleasant effect to make me give up smoking :ok_hand:


Hey Conner, if you could answer the question I pm’d you I’d really appreciate it

Thank you, as always, for your many contributions to this forum.

Thank you for sharing this with us, the mantra you said in the last, I wanna make sure I got it right,
I heard it like Ah A H, did I get right?
great appreciate

I just finish a working in witch I used this method very day for 90 days. Each day I invoked Barbatos.
The first day the energy was vary strong, I could feel it throughout my body. It brought the tears flowing and felt calming.

When I would do the invocation just prior to my guitar practice session and have his sigil on the stand, the session went more smoothly and I would be more focused and calm. When the practice session was over then I would do the final AH exhalation.

I would say that this working has given me more confidence for working with spirits. Barbadtos has been very encouraging about this.