The Unholy Saint Jezebel, Patroness of Painted Women and so much more!

“If You Want Something, Take It…& Destroy Anything That Gets In Your Way”

It had been a while since I’d communicated with Jezebel, up until a few days ago, although she’s been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Since I can remember I’ve always admired Jezebel, her story captivated me, it was my favourite one and idolised everything about her. I always felt as though there was a link between us, as if we had a similair soul or we were as the saying goes “cut from the same cloth”, its the same with Herodias and Salome… But anyway, Lilith reunited us a few days ago and she was expressing to me how in a way, she should be seen as the dark witches/magicians type of Saint Mary Magdalene, at that same level of worship and attention Catholics hold Saint Mary, we should hold her in our work and worship, even higher If possible. I was searching away on the Internet I found this page I thought I should share for anyone else wishing to communicate with Our Lady Jezebel

If you have a look around from the link, there’s also a page of Delilah as an “Unholy Saint”, Rahab the Harlot, the witch of Endor and a few others. Check it out, I thought it was pretty awesome.

Here’s Jezebel’s sigil for anyone who wishes to use it (this is the one I made)

Or you can use:

I couldn’t help myself but do another with a bit of a design just as an offering for her and something neat to put on her section of altar…I’m no professional drawer or artist btw, it was just meant as something fun to enjoy doing for Jezebel:

I found it amazing and inspiring, how (as Jezebel explained to me) she died…well was murdered by being threw out a window etc…yet became something even more divine than a queen, Jezebel told me this was because of her loyalty to the Old God’s and the strength of her faith in them, they granted to her the gift of immortality as what I’d describe as a harpy/siren/succubus type spirit.

I’m going to post some Prayers I made, also some bit’s of information about things sacred to her that I found…so enjoy and share your thoughts/experiences of/with Queen Jezebel :slight_smile:


An old post I found on this forum which had good information for anyone wishing to start working with her


But didn’t Jezebel get thrown out of a window and eaten by dogs? Why wasn’t she protected? Why did she suffer such a horrific fate? Didn’t she, in the biblical story, have people falsely accuse a man of slander so he’d be executed just so his vineyard would be available for her husband?


Because in death, there is rebirth and in that lifetime she proved herself by being a ferocious lioness when defending her beliefs, for not trembling in fear but instead pouncing on her target with an unquenchable thirst for the blood of her enemies.

She could have converted, but she chose not too, Jezebel had faith and was devoted to her God’s and Goddesses, making the sacrifice to be ruthless and wage war on Elijah and his prophets knowing it could end in her being harmed or killed, but she remained fearless.

Yes, it was a vineyard her husband wanted but the land owner would not sell it and therefore left Ahab unhappy and unable to eat. The true power behind the throne, Jezebel wielded her power as Queen to get her husband what he wanted…I think thats sweet, shows how much of a devoted wife she was.



“Then Take Him Out And Stone Him To Death”- Jezebel’s command to the soldiers, about the man who owned the Vineyard, made after acquiring acquiring the property for Ahab.


Still… Her Gods and Goddesses could have protected her, and she could have died a more peaceful and natural death decades later.


It was her time, the end of an era, an ending to a story that people still discuss today… I don’t know why they didn’t help make it more peaceful, only they know that. All I know is in my opinion Jezebel is divine, who wants the head of John The Baptist when you can have the heads of hundreds of enemy prophets.

Jezebel understands also that she is ruthless, dominating and controlling, like it says in one of the links “Jezebel is power at its most wildest”, she’s chaotic and unpredictable, she’s royalty, she’s the law. Jezebel wields the power of the judge, jury and executioner whenever she pleases, not because it’s something she has to do, but she wants to do, thriving on the power.

Jezebel does whatever she wishes and fears no consequences.


"O Blessed One,
She who was chosen to be the Priestess of the Great Goddess and whose devotion to the Queen Of Heaven never wavered.
Beautiful daughter of Ithobaal the First of Sedon, whose faith in the Old God's and Goddesses of her homeland remained, hear my call I send to thee! I seek your magnificent presence mighty Queen of Israel, loyal spouse of Ahab, who with him brought forth into this world Ahaziah, Jehoram and the one who would be forever remembered as The Wicked Queen Of Judah, their daughter Athaliah, whose heart also belonged to the King of God's, the incredible Ba'al, the Lord whose bellowing voice can be heard within the roaring of a thunderous storm!"

"Our Immortal Lady Jezebel, the Wrathful Madonna who did not tremble at the thought of war, choosing to pounce like the ferocious lioness of Ishtar, her thirst for the blood of her enemies was unquenchable, while defending her precious beliefs as if protecting her hearth and home.
Brave Defender of the worship of the Old God's, glorious lover of cult practice and ceremony, who smiles when in sacred temples at the sound of pleasurable moans coming from all around her, while she satisfies the insatiable desire to feel another's delicious, plump lips press against her own, then delights in the sensation of a wet tongue running up the flesh on her thigh.
Jezebel, come forth and attend this magical rite"

"Divine Enchantress, your kohl-painted eyes are stunning, your cherry-red lips alluring, dressed in expensive silks that are a shimmering, royal purple and a dark, sensual scarlet-red, with gleaming pearls hanging from your neck, every finger adorned with precious gems and both wrists decorated with gold serpent bracelets…accept my humble offerings I have placed on my altar for thee, come Mistress Of Seduction, Lady of Lust, come Jezebel, she who is ruthless, brave, courageous…come, Jezebel, I evoke thee (x3)…I welcome you Queen Jezebel"


Jezebel worried about Ahab-

“How is it that your spirit is so sullen that you are not eating food?”

Jezebel mocks Ahab, as if shocked that he doesn’t know how to wield his power as king to achieve whatever he wants-

“Do you now reign over Israel?” she replied

The Power Behind the Throne. After some quick plotting and planning with herself, Jezebel’s determined and making promises, because she knows that whatever it is that she desires, she will soon get. As along with having power and influence, Jezebel is willing to be more ruthless than anyone else and destroy whomever it takes.-

“Arise, eat bread, and let your heart be joyful; I will give you the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite”


Jezebel’s sacred animals and their symbolism:

Lion- fearlessness, destruction, courage, strength, protectors of hearth and home, beauty, power, justice, royalty, dominion, ferocity.

Eagle/falcon: power, courage, a connection to the divine, victory, spiritual quests.

Cobra: succeeding at all costs, dangerous individual, dominance, psychic abilities, danger, power, royalty, death, graceful, speed, enchantment, rebirth, wisdom, fertility, intellect.

Crocodile: Fierceness, longevity, explosive power, death grip.


Jezebel’s primary planet- Mars
Secondary- Venus and Jupiter

Color: Gold, Red, Pink


Another Jezebel sigil:


In Christian spiritual warfare, there is a spirit of Jezebel that targets prophets.


I know interesting isn’t it, Jezebel targets christian prophets because it’s them type of people that led to her downfall. She is like a Phoenix, from the ashes she has risen, transformed into something more powerful :slight_smile:


From an online article 'she took time to arrange her hair and paint her face, and looked out at a window to greet Jehu as he passed by. Perhaps as Morton suggests, “Jezebel did not paint her face from any motive of coquetry or vanity. She knew that death was ready to take her. Therefore, she determined to die like a queen… As Cleopatra, when about to die, robed herself in festal garments, so Jezebel painted her eyes with antimony and placed her jewelled crown upon her head; then, mounting to the palace tower, she watched the thundering advance of Jehu’s chariot.”.



“Four paleo-Hebrew letters—two just below the winged sun disk at center, two at bottom left and right—spell out the name YZBL , or Jezebel, on this seal. The Phoenician design, the dating of the seal to the ninth or early eighth century B.C.E. and, of course, the name, have led scholars to speculate that the Biblical queen may once have used this gray opal to seal her documents. In the Phoenician language, Jezebel’s name may have meant “Where is the Prince?” which was the cry of Baal’s subjects.”


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A sigil of Jezebel and a short call to the Enchanting Queen:

“Queen Jezebel, Satan’s ancient and blessed Angel of Destruction, hear my prayer and arise alluring beast! I (name), son of the great Goddess Lilith, call to you Jezebel, who has the strength of thunder, the mighty Slayer of Prophets, asking you to join me and aid me in my magical workings this night”



The main sigil I use