The Tower of Koth

I have been feeling the call once again from both Azathoth and Tiamat. For the more seasoned magicians this should be of no surprise but to those who haven’t walked the path of Lovecraft, this should be strange. Last night and this morning I’ve been working with Tiamat through an evocation and several meditations from Asenath Mason’s “Grimoire of Tiamat”. I get the impression that she is pure source energy given consciousness. The meditations and evocations have only confirmed this to me. I read in my copy of the Black Book of Azathoth that the tower of Koth is the heart of Azathoth, another entity I believe to be pure source energy. I traveled there moments ago and forced my will on reality, and conversed with the old ones. I’m planning a meditation/soul travel pathworking of the realms of the Old Ones and next on my list is a place I’ve been before, Yuggoth.


yessss do it! keep us updated on the cool travels! XD


Update: I’ve learned from Cthulhu and Azathoth during my journeys to the Tower of Koth. Now I’ve begun to visit Yuggoth with the help of the Mi-Go. They’ve begun to teach me things and I’ve begun to visit the shrines under the surface of the black planet. So far I’ve communed with Tsathoggua, Shub-Niggurath, and Nyarlathotep at their shrines. Once I’ve finished the path working I’ll share my findings and lessons taught by the Old Ones.


Update: My life has officially begun to be crazy. Not necessarily in a bad way but I do notice some abnormalities in my perception and psychology. A few days ago I opened a gate to the old ones and things really got crazy after that. I’m a bit spooked but I’m determined to trudge on. My next journey is to the town of Ulthar detailed in the books. It’s just a bunch of cats who can talk so it sounds pleasant.


How’s Tsathoggua? Havent worked with him yet and I very much like to do so because of certain strange callings and other manifestations. Also thanks for sharing man, its a bit rare to find practitioners of the Magic of the Old Ones.


dont kill the cats

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Tsathogua is interesting. Very gluttonous. Like Jabba the Hutt.


Update: I just finished my visits to Carcosa within the path working. Very cool place however. I felt at home. I’ll visit it again for sure. I spoke to Hastur and he gave me advice on baneful magick and manipulation magick. We also made a sort of deal. If you visit be sure to ask him about signing his book and about what happened to the inhabitants of Carcosa. Interesting story.


Any interesting story to share? Or a specific rite you used? Iam fairly interested to go too but work keeps me busy most of the time


I just did the working from Asenath Mason’s book “Necronomicon Gnosis”. It was an amazing place. I’m looking to visit again since I’ve completed the soul travel course.


its a good book


i make a translate of necronomicon gnosis in french and after i use
i cant wait to start the practice.

You travel by astral or physical with Mi-Go ?

Yuggoth or pluto planet :slight_smile:

I fairly sure that in our physical plane there is no human or Over-Human sized organism(s) like that :slight_smile:

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I totally love that book is really great especially explaining the Qliphothic aspect of the Necronomicon gnosis and the power of Cthulhu :heart:



why sign his book ? sign the book is form of pact ?

I’m working with Necronomicon Gnosis and the Nyarlathotep Book from Daemon Barzai, really good books. I can say that Nyarlathotep is a great teacher and guide for me at this time it has helped me to open this current at level that I have never thought possible before. But I guess this is not everyone cup of tea.

Asenath Mason have done an amazing book, this one and Grimoire of Tiamat are my favorite ones. From them everything is possible and many more can be learn.


Have you read also the Faceless God by Tomas Vicente ?

this book is hard to find i try find