The time for evoking spirits has come for me

… And I want to have a clear picture about the process. Thankfully, I have gained tones of information and details, while reading your stories and opinions in this forum since May, when I discovered it. And I want to thank you all because even unintentionally, you have builded up the whole idea in my mind, on how to evoke, what happens during the process and how can you establish a communication with an entity.
There are small dark spots though, when Im thinking of evoking a powerful spirit, such as Lucifer or Belial for instance.
So in the terms of “Becoming a living God” final goal, which is exactly the attitude I should have when calling a powerful spirit if worshiping is not the correct one?
For example, Is it good to have some humility and low profile, during the connection or I should be full confident and placing my requests/desires with respect ofcourse?
And last one, what is their advantage ,their motivation for helping us out?

(I apologize if the title doesn’t represent the content of this topic, Any correction or edit is welcomed)

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I have checked out this guide a couple of times, it’s very helpful and detailed, Thank you!
Im also now interested in the philosophical side of this process. If you want to share with us your personal point of view on the attitude during evocation, it would be great.
By the way, this guide is called Demonic, but it can be used for Angels, Djinns and Gods right?