The Supreme importance of Blood

Ahriman taught me the supreme importance of blood in Magick. He views this world as totally static and completely material. That there is no magick here. All that you can do here no matter what forces or rituals you use will simply be using and affecting that which already exists, the current world. but the moment you use blood the gateway is openned and energy apears. In the magickless solid motionless created immutable static world of ahura mazda an insurrection happens a gate is opened and vortex appears. that power being the only force outside of this world the only force ouside the creation of ahura mazda of that which already is is the only force therefore capable of affecting this world. That the first act of magick is not focusing on the self not entering the needede states not or going trough the right motions or speaking the right words or whatever else but it is the opening of the gateway through blood. so that this immutable creation can move. so that it can be remade by it. for magick is not of this world. and because of this it also entirely does not depend upon our efforts to shift cosciousness or our selves. because magick is a force that is separate from this world which enters to affect it. it has its own laws and is a living entity. if we abide by these laws we shall succeed but if we do not and try to do things ourselves what will come will be ahuramazdic magic the magic of this world. this applies even to the use of the highest states of godhood and the most powerful techniques of man. just as the acousal realm is so very separate from this creation so is magick or rather the darkness separate. only it can affect this world as described above. And for this dark magick which is the true magick it is Ahriman’s will that as many know it and recount it AS ABSOLUTE LAW- THE IMPORTANCE OF BLOOD. AS IS POSSIBLE. IT IS BLOOD ALONE THAT OPENS THE GATE. notice that in here is not at all spoken that man is the gate or the magick or the power behind the magick it is man who opens the gate and is the servant to the magick. for as described before the kind that we use is merely affecting that which is and a part of that which is. but this magick iS BLACK MAGICK! LET THEREFORE EVERY ACT OF MAGICK BE ANNOINTED WITH BLOOD. IT IS BLOOD THAT IS THE MAGICK AND THE LIFE OF THE MAGICK. NOTHING ELSE IS. THE BLOOD AND THE DARKNESS.


While I can understand the value of the blood as it is Life Source, I question the necessity of spilling ones life source to appease any god as they have no use for the material substance. Yes I know that demons, spirits ect are drawn to battlefields ect, my thoughts are that it is the intensity of the emotions that draws their attention.
Now I could be wrong, and from time to time I am, none the less, I will wait for the gods to tell me for them selves the why of it. I question everything. Not being rude here, just pointing out that I fell for the ol take my word for it when I was force fed Christianity. I wait for the gods to speak for them selves. I have opened gates with the sheer power of emotion, although it can be extremely exhausting. Just my thoughts.
Any one here care to expound on this subject?
One Man or Woman sharpens another.


Not all spirits like blood and magick is of this world


not according to ahriman and not his magick. also the properties of blood iself empower all spirits. it makes the presennce more concrete. whatever the spirit is. such are the physics of this world.


Ask 90 percent of the people on here blood is not always a go to method i should know because all my sigils are coverd in layers of My blood. Yea it has our dna in it and blood sacrifice is very powerful. Astaroth and king paimon are known not to like blood but accept it. And thats an opinion saying magick isnt of this world. Casting a spell with just your energy and thoughts is of This world.
Let me edit this i fucking love blood but i dont agree it HAS to be the only way to ya know whatever. And life itself to me is magical. IMO


This guy has made more than one post like this. He’s always right no matter what. One time he admitted to being wrong but he clearly didn’t learn tack or respect for others.

Ahriman I haven’t looked at yet and it’s interesting but there are a few here besides OP who have read Josephs book. If they disagree, would OP tell them they know nothing?

Just take a breather OP. Nothing is Black or White, remember everything is subjective.

I’ve found Blood works with some BUT those same spirits like other things as well. It’s an agreement with the Sorcerer and the spirit.

This is your opinion and learning from your personal experiences and that’s cool but don’t forget your last post and show respect for those who have a different way.


Yeah i didnt understand why he said ITS The Way to do things. But yes i agree we each have opinions and facts.

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well the point of this post is like this. For one there is purposely a lie in here by ahriman :slight_smile: for another ahriman is being very categorical :slight_smile:

as for respect. for belial no humans are worth respect. :slight_smile: nevertheless i will show you guys respect. regarding that post. i simply stated what i felt was extremely clearly true at the time. since time had to pass for me to feel otherwise there is nothing i could do about it at the time. :slight_smile:

and i’ll remind that what is stated here is according to ahriman and not me. :slight_smile:

No it according to your interpretation.
Belial has never said act like a no it all and look down on other humans for no good reason. That is your interpretation.

You pick up a book and that book suddenly becomes law… ya well not for everyone, that’s what you can’t seem to learn.
You’re not a mouth piece, you’re like everyone else here. We are all here to help Ascend but you forget that.
This is also something Belial states.

So again, you want to discuss something new that works for you cool, you are interpreting it as any human would. That is what we do.
Stop belittling other people’s paths or years of practice just because you found a new book.

How many told you flat out after speaking with King Paimon, that you were not 100% right? Almost all in your last post. Even King Paimon, himself, was wrong in your opinion.
I think you have valuable lessons to learn but are not hearing them.


well. Belial simply states that humans are not worth respect in his opinion. compared to him. neither are they worth my respect. but from the human perspective i accept you and your opinions and respect them. because we arew both human. and its not from a book. he spoke to me.

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other than that you are completely right. i myself had almost none these abilities. it’s all because of work. :slight_smile:

a funny thing also belial states that exactly this thing , mainly the fact of not respecting humans is not to be stated to them for they and even i i might really dislike it. But we are honest today. And anyway ascent is better for all with friendship and teamwork obviously :slight_smile:

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Wow, that is the biggest cop out I’ve ever heard.

You claim Belial told you that he has no respect for humans, but, because the experiences of a lot of other people on this forum put the lie to that proclamation, now you are trying to cover your ass by saying that Belial has told you not to tell humans he has no respect for them because it might hurt their feelings.

That is…facepalm worthy.


the way that realization happened is got to fave the pain of not respecting humans directly. in hardcore conflicts. :slight_smile:

I think he is right x blood works wonders for any evocation x it’s a booster for the less adept like me ( I prefer to call myself a student of magic) x whenever I could not do any successful evocations I used my own blood and fresh chicken blood for offerings x and it all worked


And yet, I have never used blood for any evocation and have had no problems with my results.


and neither have i used it for many evocations. the fact is that it is usefull. and acording to ahriman it is best to create an energy vortex with blood first. this al comes down to the efectiveness oif magick. obviuosly use whatever is most effective for you. these are juist certain things that enhance it quite a lot. in the same way the universal circle and alash tad alash tal ashtu are good. you can use them or never use them though. these are s certain magical principles which are of importance because of effectivenes.

I’ve been working with him lately and it’s kinda funny… reading your statements about him and having him literally tell me it’s inacurate or flat out BS.
Felt I had to put his opinion on this one.
I agree with the friendship and working together thing but you can’t do that if you have no respect for those you work with lol.
Belial (or any other spirit) hasn’t said “friendship is magic” or anything stupid like that but they have said arrogance and narcissism will inhibit you.