The Super Blood Wolf Full Moon Eclipse

Have any of you heard if this moon faze? I came across it here:
I know that most of the stuff on that website is bs so I decided to look it up and found out its true.
Anyway, will this moon have any different effects in magick then normally if you use it? This is the first time I heard of it.


The total eclipse is when the earth’s shadow completely blocks the moon, fully dark for a short time. Practitioners see the eclipse being the equivalent of an entire lunar cycle. The moon has the appearance of waxing, waning and reappearing during an eclipse.

A lunar eclipse is considered by some as a metaphysical bonus and any spellwork you do during this period is amplified with extra power behind it. This is a good time to do rituals focused on personal growth and spiritual development. Spells related to increasing your psychic ability, as well as divination and wisdom.


This has been on my mind lately as well. Something popped up earlier about this Eclipse and the Bible predicting the end of the world because of it and it had me thinking, does this have any relevance to the change which EA Koetting has been talking about?

Regardless I’m going to use this Eclipse productively :grin:


No, not beyond what a full moon does. Don’y let anyone sucker you on this…say for a ritual for hire with a certain entity that has nothing to do with the event, or for someone to do a super extra mega insane-o hyper awesome three-in-one to take advantage of the ‘rare’ event…lol.

Not that I’ve ever heard of anything like that around here :wink:

I’ve never heard or read this; fluff nonsense? What if you live in a region outside of the eclipse’s arc? It would not even be noticed in some parts of the world unless you told them it was happening.

Why? IMO this is crossing into the realm of ridiculous. I suppose it could be argued that an amount of Luna energy is being decreased regionally from the diminished light…but then again would that not functionally be like a new moon?

Naw, this is nonsense unless you want to make it into something it is not for psychodramatic effect.

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Couldn’t you really say it is all a mater of perception.

Because, isn’t a major part of magick to do with the mind?

“What the mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve.”


Yeah I already covered that when I mentioned the possible psychodramatic effect. If you think it means something then maybe it does, but it does not change the fact that there is nothing intrinsically boosting your magick because a shadow passes over the moon, lol. It’s all in your head.

But let’s not bullshit ourselves here on this one; it IS self deception. Perspective only goes so far, and some people perceive things falsely without intending to do so, but it does not mean it is not a kind of self deception.

The point I am trying to make to the OP is to not let trendy/catchy/flashy concepts dictate the course of your ritual practice, and to not be swayed by the manipulations of those that predate on other people’s spirituality. I’m not trying to get into a philosophical back-and-forth predicated on hollow bullshit.


Don’t suck all the mental fantasy out of it. I’m not sure if there are “moon magi” but in the anything is possible camp I wouldn’t rule out great workings.

And people getting frenzied up over it is a sort of cause - effect magic. Eh, people need excitement and thrill in their life and if this charges their batteries and workings all the better.


Oh I agree with this 100%.

Again, I agree, but from an ‘art and science’ perspective let’s at least identify the source of the effect: it is the mind, the consciousness of the magickian that matters in this instance, not the moon.

But you are correct in that I am being a bit of a buzz-kill, lol…


As I stated “some practitioners” feel this is a powerful time to perform a ritual and enhance there spell casting. Just as some beleive in astrology and that certain planet’s combined with the persons birth date can provide details on future events and personality traits.

No eclipse is world wide in this case the upcoming eclipse encompasses North and South America. However, whether it is a total or partial eclipse, hold the attention of people all over the world whenever they occure.

Throughout history, ancient rituals based around these lunar and solar eclipses abound, and demonstrates people’s fascination with what happens in the sky.

The Bottom Line is beliefs! If you don’t beleive that the moon or planetary events have an effect on spells and castings than don’t beleive… It is entirely up to the practioner or magician.

Is all this true regarding eclipses? I am not sure. Folklore about eclipses does indicate that these events have always been closely observed and celebrated and increase the power of any castings.


The bottom line is consciousness. Once you isolate that factor you can largely do away with the ritual dressings. This is in fact one of the first major steps in learning to perform magick anywhere and with no tools or ‘ritual’. To support the merits of belief as a tool is fine, but it is still a crutch in this instance.

True, but not all cultures that practiced deep spirituality had an equal appreciation for astronomy. If you were in one of these cultures and were not aware of the eclipse happening somewhere where it was visible to others, and lacked the astronomical inclinations needed to predict one, would it even matter to such a practitioner? I would have to say emphatically, “no”.

While I do admit this is pure speculation, I have to say that the probability of someone getting duped is far more likely than a person having some crazy result intrinsically caused by this eclipse. Case in point, look where the OP got the link from. Fluff bunnies or not, they stand to gain by the traffic that runs through their site. I would take it with a grain of salt.

Regarding planetary influences, hypothetically the temporary lack of light reflecting off of the moon could produce some sort of electromagnetic change, but it would be so minute and short lived that the same conditions could be reproduced in the modern age artificially (albeit in a more local sense), kind of negating the relevance of waiting on an eclipse.

The only other possibility is that the masses (planets and moons) have some variant form of consciousness that would be effected by the brief snuffing of light in one part of the world.

But is any of that stuff even remotely comparable to the factor of the consciousness of the caster? It’s all in the mind, at least the vast, vast majority of it.