The Summoning Circle

Hello I am wondering if the common circle of solomon is used for summoning angels or demons or both with the north, south, east and west written in at the four sides of it ?

At the moment I just want to keep to angels, I just need some advice with the above and also I am curious if the triangle with it has any paticular use ?

Thanks for reading my topic


Both, and the triangle is to contain the “demon” so it can’t attack you, since you’ve use the angels to force it in there and make it do what you want, pissing it off, and it’s not allowed to leave until it agrees and you release it.

You don’t have to use it to summon entities. I suggest getting a book, like the Golden Dawn one, that use the Solomonic Tradition and following some rituals as-is to figure out the formula, then you’ll have the system down and can start designing your own rituals. Jake Stratton Kent also writes good material in this current.