The Succubus Nightmare

So I am in need of some help in looking into this dream I had.

The dream starts with me seeing myself on the screen being dead from being eaten by a succubus and then I talk shit about myself that I did not meet the succubus’ standards. I then watch her going from one guy to the next seeing the remains of the men that did not make it until the one guy that seemed to meet her standards so I had to watch her being fucked by “Mr.Perfect”. As I was watching this filled with envy and self hate and self blame, I caught a woman watching the whole thing and apparently my subconscious said it was Lilith.

The only message I can get from this is I need more self work than I thought. It seems that I don’t respect myself to the point I let the opinions of others to determine my worth. Honestly, the more I look into myself, the more I ask myself am I even worth it if I have these much issues because self work for me is like walking in your own version of Dante’s Inferno. Go down one circle and there is another even worse. I constantly ask myself, Am I worthy, Am I worth it, am i good enough, what makes so special? The only lesson I can get from this is I need to respect and love myself more.


Well, I can’t help with interpretation of the dream but you do seem ready to accept the interpretation that you do not respect yourself enough, and that there is something to work on there….

In that regard, for whatever it’s worth, in my own experience a good step on the path towards a sense of self-worth is gaining self-respect, and a good way to start gaining self-respect is to only do things that you yourself can respect.

By every action we take, be it big or small, we define who we are. So you gotta ask yourself “Who is it that I want to be?” and then act accordingly. In my experience, this will start you down a path towards self-respect.

Do you have a clear picture of just what kind of person it is that you want to be? And I’m not talking about things like being good at tennis, I’m talking about your heart! If not, then I would say that’s a big step to take.

I remember when I was a young teen, kinda getting lost, going down a road that would lead me to no good… Long story short, one day I happened to find myself a hero that I sooo looked up to, and that embodied what I wanted to be. When I realized that we define/decide who we are, I was so excited to wake up the next morning to start the journey of becoming just that (or trying, you know). And every little event is an opportunity to define yourself – how you act in each little situation.

This hero became a symbol – a star in the sky to guide me. In time it lead me to realize that there is something so awesome and great out there, and when I look into the horizon, I sense it. It’s hard to describe this feeling in a way that gives it any justice but I consider this one of the greatest gifts of my life. I don’t want to make it too long a ramble, and it may now become a half-assed incohesive story that doesn’t make that much sense to anyone but myself but I think in the end this journey let me to something that some might describe as faith – because I have no proof of it, yet I feel it and I believe in it with all my heart. It’s so awesome and there is no way I can describe it, and I strive towards is as best I can.

Anyway, I think everyone should find such a hero to inspire them along their journey, and then actively strive to define themselves as the being they wish to be.

Went off on a bit of a tangent there but I hope there’s something in there you might be able to use :slight_smile:

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Everything he says is true! It is not a easy journey , but as someone with a bad history depression and anxiety , finding a hero is a very good first step in the path of self-betterment… aka seeing yourself in a more positive light. For example I have two heroes, Jesus and the fictional character God Emperor of Mankind, but you can have many! However usually I see people use one hero that inspires them above all else! It’s not a easy journey but I believe in you! We all walk our own paths however it is always better to actively approve your image of yourself! If I can do it I know you can!

Also off topic but anyone remember the Hellraiser Comics? That nightmare sounds scarily similar to one of the single issues stories… (think it was the marvel main series)

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Warhammer 40K fan eh!


Fan of all the Warhammer worlds (Age of Sigmar, fantasy ,40k, hh). Borderline addiction lmao, have read every army book and codex from fantasy 1e and rouge trader up till the latest age of Sigmar and 40k , every comic, novel and video game as well (in the hundreds, it’s a crazy amount of novels)… say you were a nerd in middle/high school without saying it lol. But I was hoping someone would notice :grinning: but don’t get me started taking about Warhammer, I will take this post wayyyyy off topic.

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