The statue of Lilith came to life

Hi all. Not too long ago I made a full-blown altar for Lilith. I bought a plaster statue and painted it. After a few rituals mostly I gave her offerings the figurine started to become conscious of Lilith’s vibes. Does anyone know how to further work with this so that the energy of Lilith helps me or the spirit that is inside this figurine. Since it moved and spoke quite clearly. I think it looks like voodoo dolls or totems. Also on my altar is a statue of an owl it also appeared in the astral in the form of a live bird and there were 3 owls when in real life I have only one statue of a bird


Ask and you shall receive. This idol is basically a communication device, so you can talk to it like you would to the entity if you evoked it.


@Irina Also use her favourite offerings near the statue like her fave incense and flowers. Also keep some nice fruity wine nearby. As @Mulberry said this is basically and communication and portal to Lilith. She’s already there so sit infront of it, meditate see what messages she gives you.