The spirit that rules the cyber world

Xaturing can enter systems, but if he is a servant, what I want is a soul that can achieve what he wants in the cyber world, a soul that can enter the system he wants.Or a soul that can teach to enter.

Which asset do you suggest.

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If Xaturing is not a living soul/entity, couldn’t someone give them their energy/etc to give them life? Thus making them another living entity, and capable of what you desire?

Xaturing is an egregore, it’s the spirit of the Internet. It doesn’t really “rule” per se. It’s an atavistic representation of the Net itself. It can go anywhere you can imagine the Internet can reach.


So technically living? As in its own entity?

I guess that depends on how you define “life”.
Personally, to me as an animist, everything in manifest reality is alive, so I would say yes. Maybe there are others that wouldn’t agree and define life as requiring biology or something. :thinking:


I see life as conscious, self aware.

If you see it it exists, it lives.
If you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t live.

Well to me, something existing and something being alive are two different things. People vs rocks is a good example. Both exist but both are not alive (least within my definition of alive).

Existence and life are subjective to our minds and what our eyes see.

But yes most people would say a rock is not alive… Others would say you can reincarnate as a rock… So…

When in nature once, I actually could feel a tree I touched, I could feel pain, a very old energy.
I researched the area I was in, it was actually one of the oldest forests in that region and had a massive fire hundreds of years ago, and I’m quite sure, the area I was in was pretty much one of the few untouched parts of it. From the old forest.
Even the air was different.

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Trees are most definitely alive, which is why you felt that energy. I can recommend going into nature and touching different species and ages of tree, to see what they feel and know… it’s a [third] eye opener.

It doesn’t need a soul, it’s a egregore that exists as a manifestation of the internet, giving it a soul or considering it “living” imo is a waste of time since it’s not necessarily a spirit or anything but a tool atleast in my opinion as egregores are often an amalgamation of the desires and such of those who use it/created it. Use it as the tool it was made to be.

In this case I find giving it a soul or defining it as “living” is just limiting it.

something can exist without actually being alive/living.


Teftin is an excellent choice for new technologies and cyber world

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