The Sorcerers Screed

By far one of the most hilarious and also the strangest books I own. To be honest there is so much nonsensical bull shit it is some what “unworkable.” On the other hand there are a few things throughout this tome of early Christian/Icelandic Paganism that have peaked my interest specifically this one made me think

If this was originally designed to be used against human attackers could it be used to intimidate rogue entities and astral parasites in the same way? Could this be used in everyday life to ward off those that would work against you?
What do you guys think?

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Fixed the spelling in the title for you :+1:

I think you could adapt this to the anti-astral entity use you describe, yes. It’s a ward, after all.
For stopping people working against you, I’d go with bindings of the specific people that are problematic - I feel wards stop incoming energy and don’t tend to look outwards like that.


Thanks for the insight. Seems like a useful ward that I would like to try out.

Interesting, ravens are magical. probably the vibrations of the long ritual and the eggs and the baby ravens bless this sigil and empower it. Cool thing!

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It was another rune book funny and weird in amazon like 6 buks. Maybe some authors. Cnt remember title but tat guy was funny and teach the same stile. I may chk my books