Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas Help

I’m not involved in the occult at all, but I was doing research on A. Crowley and came across his desert story. He reportedly invoked some abyss entity there, saying “Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas“ and I’ve been sort of obsessed with this phrase because of my OCD. I also have a serious anxiety disorder so I’m worried if I say it it’ll open up a gate to hell or summon the entity Crowley summoned.

I’m hoping this will quell my anxiety, thanks!

This is Coronzon, one of the most important and opens Daath up.

Let me pretend I know what you’re talking about - so will I summon something from the “10th Aethyr” and get myself killed? My anxiety will do the trick though…

I really don’t want to summon anything…

Okay my anxiety is killing me…

:no_mouth: calm down! Its ok! You don’t intend to summon! Nothing will come to you without an invitation!
I am not sure what the chant do other than it rise your energy…
Just intend not to summon and you’re fine!
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Thanks, that helped, so as long as I don’t go into the desert and do dubious sexual acts like Crowley did I’m cool right


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OCD is just random noise. It is not powerful enough to summon anything.

I know this because I too, have OCD, and I have never done anything by accident because of it.

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Hi,this is infernal incantation to open the gate of hell to particular spirit.You can use it at the beginning of your ritual before you state other magical chants and litanies.As I said you opening the gate,do not use this it could be dangerous,after license for depart the gate must be close! Use some banishing rite to clear you space and don’t play anymore.

Hi James,

So from what I understand is happening - this phrase is getting stuck in your head and looping over and over sort of like an OCD-type intrusive thought. I have this problem too with OCD thoughts so I empathise with the anxiety you’re experiencing.

‘Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas’ is as far as I know an all-purpose type phrase within LHP occultism, but it is used a lot in Qliphothic work (the ‘dark’ side of the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life), especially related to the sphere of Daath.

As others have mentioned, there is no INTENTION on your part to make any sort of contact, and that really is the key. Therefore I wouldn’t worry about it. Next time the thought arises, just gently turn your attention to something else to distract your mind. Over time you’ll find it stops happening, which is always the case with these types of anxious thoughts. Try not to fret over it when it happens as that will make your mind want to repeat it even more. Just know that you are safe, and turn your attention elsewhere.

If you still can’t stop the anxiety- you could try writing up a statement that ‘cancels out’ the thought, and reciting this with intent. Google or search the forum for advice on how to write a Statement of Intent. For example, you want to keep it present tense and in the affirmative- so rather than saying ‘I don’t mean these thoughts’, instead word it something along the lines of ‘these thoughts are meaningless’ Obviously this is NOT a good long term solution to OCD though, as it reinforces the cycle of obsession/compulsion :upside_down_face:

Also, it just so happens that the phrase in question was made quite popular by a metal band called Dissection, who used it in their lyrics etc (they were members of an anti-cosmic Luciferian order). As a result, nowadays a lot of kids trying to be ‘edgy’ use ‘Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas’ in instagram posts etc (unaware of its meaning), and you don’t see them dropping dead lol :joy: Hopefully that offers some further reassurance.