The Smell Of Hellfire

Sometimes i can smell what i think is hellfire while other times feel like i have horns in my head. Is that just my imagination?

It’s probably your imagination. There’s no such thing as the Christian Hell, imo.

Were you in ritual or what we’re you thinking about when you got these impressions?

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I know there is a christian hell and the feeling comes randomly.

What does it smell like exactly? Energies can linger in spaces where rituals were done.


Its smells like a fire that have been burning for a very long time.

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you trippin

and there must be a jew hell? and a muslim one? separate right? :joy:

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Meant there isn’t my bad.

I had to deal with that burnt smell while I was possessed by Astaroth and she took me to hell. About a year later, my mom was complaining about it in the room where I had become so possessed (and my ex used to sleep). I would do something like sage the room, but my dad sleeps there so he would probably get mad about stuff burning. It seems to be triggered if there is a stressful event.

One thing that can help is sticking holly berries up your nose.


I know this is out of topic but if you are okay with it may i ask why she possessed you?

I Used to smell that for a long time since i had some parasites and some spirits attached to me and i just smell it again the other day, so i was curious.

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Astaroth possesed me because I was trying to get my (parasite in the flesh) ex back. I have lots of posts on the topic in tons of threads now. I got him back for 3 months (but it wasn’t good.)


That happens to me too, sometimes smelling something burnt. It may be a spiritual sign but I don’t think it has to do with hell.


Yeah that’s what i thought, are you sure a spirit is not attached to you though?

I don’t think I do. Nothing that I feel scared of at least.

I actually had like a burnt wood smell a few days ago for a minute, and it’s not like an overpowering smell. Just was weird and out of place.

Do you ever smell anything else?

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Yeah the smell is out of place and not really didn’t smell anything else. Sometimes though i felt kinda dizzy when i got out of bed.