The serpents path: a pathworking reading for those who truly dare to know themse





Greetings to everyone…

It has been a long time since my last post but as you may know,I have little “temperance” for some individuals who bash and cut down to size members based solely on their sexuality,color,race,how you hold your eating utensils(I never use a salad fork) and thus have resorted to simply lurk and read the posts(which of late has been great from what I have been reading thus far).

I was speaking to TWF a few days ago praising him for his excellent endeavor on his reading skills and helping out others who need to know whats “behind the veil” for them. I have also seen a rising awareness that the living god is truly just at everyone’s reach, if you were to simply grasp it with both hands(no choking necessary).

So what exactly is the Serpents Path?..

In its simplest form, the Serpents Path is a path work ritual I created years ago in order to meet and converse with certain entities/spirits/demons on various spiritual topics. It was my way of learning many magickal skills that today have continued to produce viable results. In some ways, it is my personal alchemical path towards understanding what I am and who I am in this strangeland called Magick…and it continues today.

When I began, I only used the Tattvas as gateways to astrally project myself. That experience lead me to believe that by simply using the tarot as an imaginary doorway I could further access even more experiences. As of this writing, I have performed way too many path works using the Tarot, and even the Germanic Futhark/elder Runes have also yield much information. The whole point of magick for me can be broken down into two parts:

1.) knowledge of yourself
2.) information to further my cause(be that financial,love,career,etc…)

Once you grasp the self, then you can become “selfish”, and finally, selfless…

And so, coming this summer I will be performing two path works each month for the months of June,July,and August. That’s six BALG members.Completely free. Unfortunately I cannot perform more as these rites do take up quite some time to prepare,not to mention the amount of time expelled on each night performing them. They are based on the Golden dawn system but also there are some OTO material as well as using the Supreme Invoking rite of the pentagram(by far my favorite as it brings the elements closer to me and seriously empower my rites). They are exhausting to say the least, as far as my own mind.,body, and soul are concerned.

I would caution those interested as in some cases you may find out more about what you truly are than what you are prepared to handle. This not only happened to me but also to an associate who kept insisting that I would perform a path work for her. She received more than what she anticipated. Her life completely changed for the better but in a way that opened all her senses and her mind to what and who she was,but never actually knew. You may ask then, well…that’s a good thing,and to that I would reply yes,but keep in mind that everything comes at a cost…no free rides in this reality.

So why am I offering this for free?..the reason is that it’s always good to give back to those that have provide me with good fortune. Ever since I found BALG everything for me has changed, not just magickally but in the mundane day to day existence I continue to wrestle with. Besides, now I found an excuse to provide some form of help to those that need it, and why not?..time for me to be “selfless”

In addition, I can also provide free readings to those who need it, however keep in mind that I will not read into your ordinary(or extraordinary) life concerning your wife,girlfriend,job,etc…) I could care less about that. My readings are solely based on your ascent and where you are at this moment and what you need to progress. That’s why we are here in BALG…to progress and not to banter. Just leave a message on the thread or PM me. Remember that I am not Miss Cleo so ……

What tarot deck do you use for “spiritual” readings?

I use two, depending on the individual and his/her needs. Either the Ceremonial Magick deck or the HR Giger deck. Both have been empowered by two wonderful entities I evoked personally last year(Vassago and Mepsitahl) as well as a host of other spirits. I have always had the evoked entity to empower in some way my working decks, apart from asking for their autograph.

Recently as of last year I have decided to get myself into the Vaping scene by creating my own Ejuice(electronic cigarette products) for the Wiccan/Pagan/ceremonial/black magician,etc… At the moment I am working on an Ejuice aptly titled “Black Arts” made with cloves,blackberry,and Licorice. The idea of concocting Ejuice for the 72 Goetic spirits has entered my mind, along with the four gatekeepers. Additionally I am, working with another friend on creating a mechanical Mod(no electronics just moving parts) for vaping in gun metal depicting an obscure mystical emblem. This would be a very small niche in the vapor market but I thought why not. If all goes well I will be calling it “dark haze” with a website to follow. Of course, all BALG members will receive free juice…

have a great weekend



Oh man this is great, I’ve missed the hell out of you (I only joined in October but read almost ALL the archives and your posts in them) so a big welcome back from me! (fwiw! lol)


I second the notion!

Let’s drink!

Tosses everyone a glass of Serpent’s Blood


it’s nice to have you back


I don’t know if that was a rhetorical question (apologies if it was!) but I use the Oracle Of Napoleon, a book where you divine based on lines written by yourself on a page, I found a copy after Hathor guided me to a bookshop down by the British Museum last year, and that’s been 100% consistant in guiding me regarding which entities to work with, which choices to make, and so on - at least so far.

There are copies online, free “Click here” type things, but I like the book and the faux-snakeskin notebook I keep a log of questions and answers in.

I’m curious why you call your pathworking The Serpent’s Path? Probably only semantics, but it seems to me like serpents have often represented sorcery, both “dark” and “light” types, and humanity’s desire to strive above normal experience, so I wondered if you could share the reason you hit upon that name for it?


I don!'to want to answer for SVE but personally I’ve always viewed snakes as being transformative (shedding skin, renewing themselves) which could be viewed as ones forwards progression on their path. The serpent has always been a symbol of wisdom so that aptly fits the bill as well.

Glad your back SVE, been waiting on this post since you told me about it.


Welcome back, SVE! I would definitely be interested in a pathworking regarding my Ascent and what is waiting for me. I can face whatever comes up about myself.


Serpent has many meanings depending on the context.

In the case of a curse, a serpent is an omen that the curse is on its (good) way to the target.


Welcome back S.V.E.

I for one missed your wisdom around here, your posts have always given me excellent guidance.

I look forward to taking advantage of your gracious offer.


Welcome back brother!

I haven’t read apost from you yet that hasn’t inspiredme in some way.
For that I thank you and would love to be a part of this if possible!

This sounds great!


[quote="-TWF-, post:6, topic:2829"]I don!'to want to answer for SVE but personally I’ve always viewed snakes as being transformative (shedding skin, renewing themselves) which could be viewed as ones forwards progression on their path. The serpent has always been a symbol of wisdom so that aptly fits the bill as well.

Glad your back SVE, been waiting on this post since you told me about it.[/quote]

You are absolutely correct TWF…

I encounter this “Serpent” while traveling /scrying the Air element years ago. Once I entered the Air Tattva I was greeted by a coiling black snake and a Roman solider with a chariot ready to take me to …who else?..the king of air himself.

and thank you to everyone for being way too kind,it’s rare these days so it’s appreciated immensely.

as to Eva’s post…that banner is so full of cuteness Im off to the groceries to find a birthday Cheesecake…

be well


The Chiefs of Hell

Interesting. How does one apply for or otherwise become involved with your project? I’d be very interested to hear what you have to say regarding myself.


This is a great service S.V.E. is providing to the forum and I look forward to hearing the reviews.

Also thanks for the card porn, I have yet another deck to collect now and that is a damn fine gateway of pacts you got there in the top pic :wink:


Welcome back S.V.E. ! i really missed your insightful posts.
And definitely i would like to take part in the pathworking; so, please count me in.


just a quick addendum to my first post


1.) A complete PDF of all my notes from my journal. all annotations,footnotes,symbols,sigils,spirit names,digital drawings,etc…
at times these can go anywhere from five and up to 15 or more pages.

2.) Complete ritual in PDF with notes,etc…

3.) Photos/images of the rite where applicable
4.) Photos/images of my tarot spread

Each ritual may or may not be the same as the other as i at times use improvisation (spark of creativity) to enhance my experience so in most cases no two rites will be completely the same.

All I need from you is your complete name as I do need to make some type of connectivity with you. I need to have some type of empathy to bridge together. I am not able to pull a rabbit out of a hat…not yet anyway.

All I ask is to please not share the details I provide to you nor to share them online to other groups. When they are complete it is only meant for you and no one else. If you want to post a review thats find as long as its a little vague,but no crucial information.

Tomorrow,the 25th of March Tuesday, I will be holding an all day Tarot reading for anyone that wishes one for free. If interested just PM me on here.

Next month I am hopefully planning along with a friend to perform a complete evocation via live streaming through YouTube(or another service)…I will find out by end of this week.

have a great week



I’ve always appreciated your work and presence here SVE. Good shit


I’ve read some of your posts, although that has quite some time ago, but fron what I’ve read just now, they are really good.

also, a question. Is this pathwork good for a complete novice? or do I need some experience in it?


Anyone that requested a reading for today please PM your email address to send you a PDF of my results. All readings include Astaroth in an invocation(almost an evocation) as I am working with him closely for the past few weeks.

Make sure you provide your full name and any query you have in mind(if none is specified than a general reading will be given).

Some members have PM me regarding what role they need to play if they so choose to partake in a pathworking…the answer is…none as I will be performing it for you completely. All i need is your full name(at the very least).




Are all your slots for this pathwork taken at the moment?


I’d definitely like to get in on this if you have anymore slots open.