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I have said that I was writing a book on working with the jinn. I have so much more knowledge and chapters coming. I was honestly looking for profit rather than fame or position in the writing world. However, I care so much more on helping other people understand how to really utilize this knowledge and make use of it than profit. Also, life is changing and going so it will take me a long time to finish it but I thought posting here would be an addition or a motivation to keep writing.

Also feel free to check out my previous thread that was a summary of some the chapters in the book:

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Table of content:

    • Disclaimers and Copyrights
    • Introduction
    • The Rulers of The Days
    • Is it Communion or Insanity?
    • The Power of Planets
    • The Opening of The Gateway
    • The Conjurations of The Rulers
    • The Ending of The Ritual
    • The Magic of Sigils
    • The Magic of Squares
    • End notes
    • Bibliography

This work shall not be copied or reproduced in any forms or means without the permission of its author. All Rights Reserved.
Disclaimer: This book is purely based on personal gnosis, research and experience. It should not be taken as scientific facts, medical or personal advice. The information given in the book are to be used at your own risks, and the author is not responsible for the experiences you encounter from the use of its information. The book is solely for informational purposes. Note: this book should be used in accordance with the laws in the area that you reside. Lastly, for the sake of copyrights and supporting the work done, please do not support pirated copies of this work.

Copyright Reserved 2021, A.G. Lorenz


Introduction :

Some individuals think that spiritual practice is done through long and complicated ceremonial rituals that involves many tools and requirements. Those interested in the practice do not need to use such overwhelming methods to have a successful spiritual experience. Magic is much simpler than these devastating ceremonies. Such rituals, pushes away many individuals that are interested in experiencing magical or spiritual endeavors.

One important thing to note is that I strongly disagree with using the word magic for such practice, because of how magic refers to the act and belief that you can affect the outcome of a specific situation to achieve a certain desire. Regardless of if the tradition used in the making of said outcome is wiccan, pagan, or has a demonolatry background. According to Oxford Languages, magic is “the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.” On the other hand, spiritual practice, is certain actions that comes from specific tradition(s) that brings a spiritual experience to the practitioner. Therefore, I will be using the term spiritual practice instead of magic for more accurate view of the overall practice and the goal of this book. Indeed, this book will not be like any other book on the topic of embracing your divine power(s). If you are reading the book for the sake of getting a recipe for spell casting, you will be totally disappointed.

This book reveals the secrets of working with the djinn in a spiritual perspective, rather than setting limitations to the reader. Such framing to the spiritual practice hides the true illumination of it. And these authors that try to paint the tradition as a simple tool or recipe to get some mortal and materialistic desires, to my point of view, are the focused on making profit rather than teach a working beneficial system to the seeker of this knowledge. Through the


knowledge in this book, you are going to be able to decide for yourself if you want to practice spell casting using the aid of jinn, or you want to ascend and grow spiritually. The information laid out in the book will help you understand everything you need to know to use your divine power to achieve whatever goal you seek. That of course will be, up to your own discretion. Many individuals, throughout generations, have had the interest and curiosity on the idea of communion with the spirit world or working with them for spiritual growth. It has led many adepts to write non-academic research articles and books on such topic, and how the results of their practice are legitimate and can be achieved. I say non-academic due to how the idea of the spirit world is not proven scientifically, but spiritually (by practice). If you read similar books from different backgrounds, you will come to realize that such knowledge existed even before religions surfaced earth.

The methods of achieving said goals, were sought using a different system than the current systems being used now. Some of the current systems, are derived from religious ideologies and some from demonolatry concepts, or ideas. Acknowledging that, lead me to become more eager to gather all the information I learned from my research to my own personal gnosis through the practice of such working system to give you all what you need to know in one book. I am not going to offer you heaven or hell. I am offering you straight knowledge that you can use to your advantage without the religious doctrine or dramatic distractions that other authors of this topic use as if they needed to prove their legitimacy.

When you adapt the knowledge in this book in your spiritual practice you will be able to judge for yourself. I offer you this knowledge that I gathered throughout my research from different systems and personal experimentation, a little bit of a twist that I tested and found that it is possible to eliminate the religious beliefs that were influenced in the system and take the practice back to its roots. The system or tradition that is being used in this book was used a lot in Arabian


countries that were mostly Islamic. Therefore, it was severely modified to fit the frame of Islam rather than demonology. Although, there are still some parts in this book that will be influenced by some of the religious concepts regardless of which religion it was derived from. When I state, ‘influenced by some religious concepts’ that does not mean you will be working with spirits by the use of God names or by worshiping said spirits.

However, we will be using the spirits’ own oaths that was said to be written on a huge structured (spiritual) door that exists between the realms of existence. Yet, the system in question does have few religious influences due to the techniques and knowledge in the practice. It originated from those practitioners that swayed their religious beliefs into the tradition; religions such as Judaism and Islam. Some may assume that I am a Satanist because of the type of system I am coming with. The approach to the practice in this system is based on respect and honor because of course, Djinn have their own free will, as human beings. Think of it, as if you were wanting to work with a certain individual that has no interest in working with you. Would you think it is okay to command them and threaten them? Regardless of if the religion or the used method to threaten the spirit that in question had any power at all.


The Author

Who is A. G. Lorenz? Writing this part of the book was the hardest, since it made me feel as if I had to be very careful with my approach. It felt as if I needed to show creditability, but without being taken as another arrogant author who thinks and acts as if they are the ones who created this practice or as if they are coming with a prophecy. No, I do not claim to have come-up with the knowledge I am providing. The knowledge of this book is coming from the teachings of mentors, personal research, or personal experience. However, to give a little background, I grew up in the middle east as a Muslim till the age of sixteen.

I have always had interest in the spiritual world and being free to explore the universe and receiving your own answers. Fast-forward, I began having interest in the magical books that were hardly obtained, due to the religious ideologies against such practices, and studied them. Some of these books are Shams Alma’arf, and Manba’a Asool Alhakmah by Ahmad Albuni. AlSaheer AlAhmar by Abdul-fatah altookhi. Ketab Alsaheer Alasood by Atiyah Abdul Hammed. These books were based of the Arabian traditions and religious ideologies, supposedly.

However, Muslims who think of themselves as true god followers that follow gods book to the dot, do not consider these books religiously Islamic but demonic and when you used you are working with the adversary. I am clearly stating that just for sake of introducing the outsider to what is referred to in the study of cultural communication as “the in-depth knowledge that only those below the iceberg in said culture, will understand.” Especially, since this book is about the secrets of working with the Djinn which originate mostly from the Islamic and Judaic systems.
Also, I have read some western based cultural books, some of which, were coming from either demonolatry or Christian background, such as: Demons of Magic by Gordon Winterfield,


The great and lesser keys of Solomon, Michael Ford’s work, and E.A. Kotteing’s work. I assure you that after you read this book, you will have all what you need to join the practice or manifest the results you seek. No other book or long ceremonial recipes will be needed to achieve such result. Hopefully, I succeed with the plan of delivering this knowledge to your hands for the cheapest cost and in a simple, clear, and direct manner.

The System, The Tools?

Before we move to the second chapter of the book, I would like to emphasize that there are many books, rituals guides, and grimoires that demand the use of many tools that leads the new practitioners to get lost rather than focusing on the key elements of working with the djinn. I do not claim that this book will not require the use of similar tools, it will certainly require some tools. However, these tools will be simple and affordable, and each tool has its own significant connotation to the work of summoning spirits. In short, the tools that you will be using through the rituals are meant to be used for its effects in an energetic perspective. Hypothetically, with such means in hand, we are pushing the vail simply towards a more aligned energy which leads to a successful result. Those tools are candles, incense, and some incantations. Some like to give offerings to show respect. Some say it is up to you, the practitioner, since the candles and incense count as offerings as well.

Also, please do not misunderstand me when I say a simple system. It is not simple from the perception that anyone can get a quick aid from a certain Jinnee or Jinnih, but rather in terms of setting the right atmosphere to make a successful contact. Nevertheless, if you are wondering if you can summon a spirit without the use of such tools, then in short yes you can. However, it is considered difficult because it requires someone who has a very high level of experience in the practice to achieve such result. Besides, these tools are used with the intention


that a candle is a representation of what the jinn are made of, smokeless fire. Also, how it opens the gateway for the spirit to come to you from a different realm that exists along the side of our realm. Such tool is indeed a perfect vessel of creation (creating the gateway between realms). The incense is also an offering by itself, but it is a helpful tool that was used for millennia of years by previous practitioners as a scrying tool because spirit can take form of the incense smoke. On the other hand, incantations are basically: words used to bring forth a spirit simply by chanting them you are vibrating certain energetic frequency that aligns with your spiritual energy to be able to establish contact. These energies are like a portal of creation. I hope that you now understand why, we would want to use each of these items even though it is possible to summon without them.


Chapter Two

The Rulers of The Days

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The Rulers of The Days

In the Islamic and Judaic systems, it is said that each ruler ‘king’ has a specific day that they stand on to offer their service. We have seven weekdays, so there are seven-day kings. Each one of those kings has a legion below them. They indeed, have their own hierarchy and order that they follow. Additionally, it is referred to these day kings as the lower kings. They are considered demonic and that each of them has a higher king that rules over them. In other words, there are seven-higher kings that each one of them rule over one of the lower one, respectively. The terms higher and lower kings came from the influence of those religious practitioners who brought their own religious baggage to the practice and claimed that the higher kings are angels and lower are demons.

Though, for the sake of this book, think of them as seven agents who work on earth and have seven handlers that each of which handles one earth king respectively. Indeed, those seven handlers have a leader that is considered, in some the Islamic religion as the angel who handles them the higher kings, who is called Metatron. Do you need to know all this, to work in the system, no. However, understanding the hierarchy and culture could be quite handful for the ambitious operator. For those fearing harm and programmed to believe that they will be harmed by seeking the help of the djinn, can use certain incantation the binds them to their oath to their master or leader. Also, I assure you that, that it is not the case at all. I have personally experienced great results and growth through my practice and have never had a harmful experience. However, I have had experiences that some could consider very terrifying to even think of.


The kings:

Day: Sunday
Higher King: Ro-Ca-eel
Planet they govern: The sun
The lower king: Almudhib
Main specialty: For healing work, the king of Treasures

Day: Monday

Higher King: Je-Bra-Eel

Planet they govern: Moon

The lower king: Murrah

Main specialty: Love, and Emotions

Day: Tuesday

Higher King: Samsamaeel

Planet they govern: Mars

The lower king: Abu Mahraz Al-Ahmar

Main specialty: Legal work, politics

Day: Wednesday

Higher King: Meka-Eeel

Planet they govern : Mercury

The lower king: Burgan Abu AlAja’eb

Main specialty: Money, Intelligence, Hiding and finding the hidden


Day: Thursday

Higher King: Sar-Fa-Ea-EEL

Planet they govern: Jupiter

The lower king: Sham-Ha-Roosh

Main specialty: When seeking revenge or want to expose unfairness of someone or situation. Knowing as the judge of all living.

Day: Friday

Higher King: Aeen-Yea-EeL

Planet they govern: Venus

The lower king: Zaw-Ba-A’ah

Main specialty: Lust, inflame someone with specific Desires, and bring Attraction to an object or business.

Day: Saturday

Higher King: Ke-Sa-Fa-EeL

Planet they govern: Saturn

The lower king: Maymoon Aba noukh

Main specialty: He governs over a quarter of the total djinns that exist. He is also known to be an intiator into the black arts and spiritual practices. His aid is benefical for those working in destroying hexes or curses.


Chapter 3

Is it Communion or Insanity?

The relation and communion

Now, I would like you to know that understanding and using the previous vital information is important. Some would question how? the concept that: When we are looking for a job in a certain company. We seek that company and introduce ourselves, correct? It is similar for our tradition as well. If you have never worked with any of the djinn kings before they would not really know about you. Therefore, I say that such information is vital but not necessarily required. For example, a magician decides that they need the help of King Maymoon Aba Noukh and they have never worked with him.

The magician will need to go and introduce themselves by calling upon the King on the day that they stand. If the king does not wish to work with you, then you will have two options. To either respect their decision and give them the license to depart or to command using the name of their handler which I find to be disrespectful and inappropriate for a healthy relationship with a human before it is to be with an old spirit that is much way powerful and smarter than us.

I do not say that from the idea that we are less or that they are better than us, but from the perspective that they have been on earth for centuries and lived way longer than human beings did, which logically it gives them a long head start to know far more than us. I also highly recommend that you take a respectful, professional approach when dealing with such powerful beings. I do trust that they value humbleness and respect more than arrogance and greed. Which brings me to say that is the reason why some individuals report failure in their spell casting experience(s) is that they are using either the wrong approach or unable to even make a successful contact.

Communication with spirits is not similar to the way we communicate with each other; however, it is an energetic telepathy that occurs between your consciousness and the spirit’s. Through my experience in working with the jinn I concluded that we are all linked together through some sort of a collective conscious. One important question to consider, is how we are all linked together?


Till the book is done… please don’t post a reply but you may like the parts that you liked or found helpful. Also, this comment will be deleted when the other half of the book is going to be posted.

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So far I have been working on rewriting some of the parts i have done. Noticed lots of grammar and spelling mistakes. Considering also adding more to the previous chapters.

After done… will be moving forward to the next chapters. Also, I will not be adding more of the book here. However, when the book is released I will wait a while then open the thread for review for those who read it.

I am really really excited to finish it. Just need to find the energy to commit.
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