The Scorpion God Is Pro Marijuana (Legalization)

I am exploring the idea of working with The Scorpion God and have started little bits of dialogue here and there… I asked Belial (The Scorpion God) if he would help legalize marijuana and he said YES.

I didn’t ask why or anything although it would be safe to say because he’s against tyranny and the like, so freeing a plant that is used against the people seems like a noble act if I say so myself.

Then after the fact I stumbled across the book: The Scorpion God ( and can you guess how many printed pages? Yes… validity that the YES was indeed a YES :stuck_out_tongue:


So if you haven’t already, I would like to invite you to help spread the Marijuana Talisman as far and wide as you can, and don’t forget to imprint the sigil with your desire for globally recognized legal marijuana for any and all purposes —>

Thanks for your time…

And have a great day!


There is also a topic about this here, as well:

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@Lady_Eva - yes… although i just discovered the fact that The Scorpion God is exactly 420 printed pages… I thought that was more than just a coincidence and was guided to make a new post relating to that in particular… sometimes things in life just seem to overlap :slight_smile:


Actually The Spirits The Gods are for anything you can work towards. The idea that they are for or against drugs is a human reasoning, so you better check to make sure you really are speaking to The Scorpion God. Who knows, maybe it is trying to get you all dosed up to teach you a lesson; its own form of poison.


Belial is for legalization, but he hates addiction. Addiction tampers with free will, and the purpose of having no master is to utilize free will. If you’re doing drugs and can’t seem to stop, it’s going to piss him off.


I downloaded the sigil, and will be using it because this whole thing vibes true. The scorpion God has been sending me signs lately. Not very familiar with it, but I will now be delving into communion with it.

Why is Belial the scorpion God? I have suffered some 7 odd years of addiction and have been sober the past couple months, maybe he is trying to come and assist me.


Belial is an excellent entity when it comes to trying to beat addiction. I’ve seen several forum posts about how people have noticed that they’ve been kicking bad habits while working with him.


Primal Craft. That’s the group I was thinking about a week ago.

@Meowlix - if the spirits have consciousness and essentially know and have access to more than we do… which is why many people call upon them for help… who’s to say they don’t have preference?

@Prophet - i would have to agree… free will is choice and there is no freedom without choice… i’m a plant eater and feel that these plant medicines have a lot to offer us on many levels of existence

@Atinama - congratulations… i also used to be an addict but made my way to being soberAF… i still believe in legalization so people may use mainly for medicinal and spiritual reasons

Sober As Fuck Poem for anyone interested —>

either way The Scorpion God being Belial who has been described as the flesh of the Earth and one against tyranny would obviously be for making sure that no plant or human is without freedom


Because Consciousness is partially Lifeforce where a spirit joins with it to obtain that sentience. To become conscious (to wakeup in this world) is to be animated…by life force. Once it becomes as this it is more than just a spirit, as it had then obtained a peice of “Soul.” Spirits alone must exist in symbiosis with hunanity.


Weed was legalized in my country a while ago. For now it’s restricted to private use but eventually public use will be permitted too.

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@Twilight_Dragon what country?

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South Africa

Belial does really does hate addiction, i thinking everyone are walking different paths, while walking the path of Belial become free of addiction, if walking a different path other then Belial, like the paths of Ahriman, Satan, Amaymon and Cthuhu probably wouldn’t matter if want to get as high as a kite on marijuana, if decided to walk the path of Belial sometime before walking the path of Belial start to slowly come off drugs, so by the time your walking the path of Belial you should be able to work with Belial without any withdrawl symptoms, if want to enter infernal empire must pass through the seal of Belial.


getting high as a kite and addiction are two very different things

He doesnt hate addiction. Thats just someones personal relationship with him. He has something to offer for everyone if you are willing to pay the Tab in full with some extra.

:eye: hhave seen things
Watch out it is slimy

Come to Canada, we have all the legal marijuana marijuana you want AND free healthcare. You’ll get used to the snow.

Legal here too but thanks for the offer

It’s also legal in Washington State.