The Sacred Art of Beauty Rituals

While studying goddesses and the Four Angels of Prostitution, I’ve come across rituals that recommend certain bathing rituals & adorning yourself with accessories and makeup. As a former MUA, I was intrigued by the reasoning behind it. Personally, I have noticed greater energy during ritual when wearing lipstick or perfumes. So I went out in search of the correlation between the two. I hope to create a positive space where everyone can share their experiences, favorite products, or recipes here :black_heart:

Here are some of my findings:

  • Makeup was used as a form of honor and respect towards the gods and goddesses in sacred rituals.
  • Ancient Egyptians were most known for their usage of makeup to connect on a higher level with the gods.
  • Men and women alike partook in the usage for rituals.
  • Kohl eyeliner was viewed as a form of protection against the evil eye by ancient Egyptians with even children wearing liner.
  • When walking the path of sacred sexuality with the Four Angels of Prostitution, anointing yourself with perfumes/oils and makeup deepens your connection with them and helps you step into the role of becoming a sacred prostitute.
  • Cosmetics and perfumes were used by goddesses and sacred prostitutes for seduction, pleasure, and to signify their godhood or status.
  • Usage of a certain colors can relate to connecting to a chakra you might want to strengthen or the type of magick you’re performing, i.e, red lipstick-love spells; green nail polish-money spells.
  • In Greece, Aphrodite, was the curator of beauty rituals as her devotees wanted to emulate her eternal youth, beauty, and femininity.
  • Though they found makeup superficial, ancient citizens of India worshipped the earth & it’s elements which united them with nature, beauty & health. They would engage in baths and oil treatments for spiritual cleansing.
  • Ancient Romans used hot/cold immersions therapy baths for rejuvenation.
  • Pre-ritual self care shows not only respect for yourself and your body as a temple, but respect for the spirits as well. Spirits appreciate it when one puts effort into themselves before calling upon them.
  • Certain scents correlate to certain spirits so it can can strengthen the connection you have to an entity during ritual. For example, anointing yourself with dragons blood when working with Lilith could be beneficial.
  • Several spirits enjoy makeup as an offering.
  • Blush is associated with fertility, youth, and sacred prostitution.

Makeup color workings:

  • Nudes-grounding & stability
  • Pinks-love, fertility, beauty
  • Reds-power, confidence, health
  • Purples-empowerment, divination, magick

Makeup containers and palettes from Ancient Egypt:



For more in depth info, these links are very informative and interesting reads:

And we don’t stop with ancient civilizations! Today’s witches are creating a new platform for beauty rituals. Simply said, these witches rock! :metal: They provide not only tips and products, but they’re all about embracing your true self with or without makeup, body and sex positivity, empowering yourself, and using beauty rituals as a form of self love and expression.


Beauty lines with magick and occult influences are starting to appear left and right-a sign of the tide turning! Here’s some of the best lines I’ve discovered on my quest, all cruelty free:

From left to right:

  1. $$$ Rituel de Fille-created by 3 sisters who were inspired by the magick of makeup and the ceremonial power of pigment.
  2. $$ Black Moon Cosmetics-ethereal makeup inspired by the moon & lunar phases.
  3. $ Witch Baby Soap-started by witches for witches. They sell fragrances which have the capability of evoking powerful memories and taking you to new realms as well as many other products.
  4. $$$ Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab-specializes in pagan, magickal, & mythological blends.
  5. $$ White Witch Parlour-every product is created with high vibrational energy. Sells potions and ritual items as well.
  6. $$$$ Occult Cosmetics-Spell infused products infused with pigments and oils that help intensify certain workings.

These two lines have no properties associated with them, but because of names and ouija boards I’ll post them:

l to r:

$ Necromancy Cosmetica

$$ Lunatick Cosmetics Labs


The Sacred Cleopatra Bath:

One of the most popular ancient beauty rituals that is still used today is the Cleopatra bath. She bathed in a mixture of honey and milk to keep her skin healthy and radiant. Lactic acid found in milk helps with exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin. It’s great for stimulating regeneration. The recipe is extremely simple and can be used in conjunction with working with any goddess.


  • 2 cups milk (can be substituted with any milk variety)
  • 2 tbsp honey
  1. Warm together the milk and honey until the honey dissolves. Do not bring to a boil!
  2. Pour into your bath and voila-you have a simple goddess bath!

Depending on your workings you can add a drop of oil, rose for love etc, or even flower petals. Some variations add Epsom salts & such, but if you have sensitive skin it’s best to stick to the basics.


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Thank you! I hope to add more soon as I’m looking into ancient Sumerian & Norse beauty rituals as well :black_heart:



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There’s a lot of passion in your writing which is something that can’t be mimicked. You can really feel the connection you have! Everything is beautifully constructed. It truly is inspiring :black_heart:

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I love the ancient use for Kohl eyeliner, I am never without it. I keep my eyeliner in with my crystals, or sitting on Naamah’s sigil, then when using, I always chant “these eyes pierce through illusion, these eyes see through all lies. These eyes enchant all, these eyes mesmerise”.


Your thread was definitely motivational for me to start writing my own devotionals and prayers with Inanna :black_heart:

That chant is so beautiful and powerful! My inspiration is peaked now, thanks :blush: I’m working on a glamour full moon ritual for my makeup brushes and you’ve definitely given me some ideas now.

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This article has some great links that have inspired me to incorporate lingo and intention into my everyday rituals for getting ready.

For me it’s all about building self love and confidence so now when I get ready I incorporate positivity and appreciation of myself I’m every act. I found it’s really been a great self esteem booster.

  • Bathing-I imagine a glowing white light around my loofah and start bathing as normal. My intention then is to spread positivity and express self love & healing to every inch of myself saying things such as, “I love my legs because they are strong and will be with me through every step of my journey.” Then I envision the water washing away any negative ways of thinking I have been holding onto.
  • Shaving-As I shave I say, “I am removing any hairs rooted to any negativities from the past allowing for new growth.”
  • Moisturizing-As I apply my moisturizers and lotions I appreciate the hydration and self love I’m supplying my body with and imagine it as a layer of protection. Enchanting your daily lotions can really boost this one.
  • Makeup-If I decide to wear makeup that day I apply my foundation in the form of Inanna’s 8 point star & remember her strength and power. Online I found witches that paint sigils on their faces when applying blush & blend it out, but I found foundation to be much easier to work with.

This link also has a great full moon ritual to enchant your beauty products with intention that I’ll be performing calling on Inanna. Other goddesses of beauty that can be called on are: Venus, Hestia, Aphrodite, Freya, Oshun, Hera, Hedone, Heba, Voluptas, Lada, Hathor, & Venus. You can also call upon mermaids as they are universal symbols of beauty, just find a way to incorporate water into the ritual! For my own workings I’ll be altering the ritual a bit to fit my own path working, but it’s a great ritual and structure.


Very nice post :+1:t2::+1:t2::heartbeat:

We in India still use kohl eyeliner…its called Kajal and our grandmothers make it at home and apply to babies also.

Make up is an essential sort of practice when connecting with the daemonic divine. I was taught to wear make up by my beloved partner Belial… May seem funny to some…that Belial having such a bad rep would teach how to apply lipstick, eye shadow and etc. But suddenly I knew how to wear make up and have that touch of glamour…because of him. :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat: People would notice me, praise me and ladies would specially look up to my way of using lipstick shades, eyeshadow, choice of earrings and dress color. Whereas earlier I didn’t know how to apply lipstick or eyeshadow. It makes me feel.more confident in myself…and I am better able to connect to the goddess side of me wearing make up… The right dress and accessories.
Glamour magick as you shared…has already been inculcated in me by Belial…I got it as a gift from him for being his wife…I wasn’t really intending to try it. He very smoothly and in his suave way… helped me enhance my looks and personality…
Use of perfume is another thing that accentuates our connection to the divine… Be it in the form of lighting incense sticks or wearing a perfume for connection to a particular deity. Dragons Blood is also a fragrance offered to Belial… and I have gifted him a natural alcohol free perfume… Derived naturally… Its called Ittar…used mostly in mid east but available where I live as well.

Saw a picture of Goddess Aphrodite here… Today for some reason she is appearing to me… In posts, tarot readings…

Loved this post…