The Sacred Art of Beauty Rituals

Such a beautiful story about your connection with Belial! I love hearing stories like that. Your successes with him are very inspiring. :blush:

I love that kajal is made at home. Thanks for sharing! I used to make my own beauty products and it’s definitely something I want to get back into.

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I find alot of this intriguing, personally I find the idea of self care ritual to be one of the constant and most important to do, for instance I take showers hot to cold, moisturize with tea tree and eucalyptus, etc while chanting a personal mantra (also other groomings but we don’t need all info :wink: ) . its done wonders for both my self esteem and rituals, not to mention on more important rituals painting my face usually with ash of a designated plant or incense. Thank you @rusalka for this post and keep it up :slight_smile:


I love this thread so informative. This video also talks about Roman Bath/Makeup Rituals.


I liken this lost too! I never read enough ouch on male beauty though. I’ve been wanting to do a beauty ritual to stand out And to attract both attractive woman and men, was thinking about contacting Zeus or Astarte. Then I thought maybe I can contact Ganymede who was Zeus former male lover who’s beauty enchanted Zeus.

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Love this thread! I’ve been telling myself I’m like Cleopatra lately, so I love that this popped up.

When I put my perfume on (I mix 3 solid perfumes) I chant 'I am beauty/magical/a living goddess/Cleopatra" or some variant thereof. I’ve been doing it for over a year and it’s really helped my confidence. I also say “all men want me/all women want to be me”. I get a ton of compliments daily from other women at work, and the men are very flirty. At work, they call me “Goddess”, lol.

What a magnificant idea. There are some pagan rites to invoke Ganymede. Awesome insights

Thank you ! My apologies for any misspellings sometimes my auto correct can be a burden haha.
I will come back and post my experience and results !

Dug up the pagan ritual for Ganymede’s day. I love this, and I can’t wait to perform this ritual. I literally have a cart of items ready for preparation for the day.


The 8 solmonath is that august?

I was trying to figure that out myself !! I really have no idea I’ve been trying to I do more research on when the 8 solmonath is

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I love beauty rituals