The Runetastic 24 Days

Day 1: Fehu

I drew the rune on a white 3x5 card with Dragons Blood Ink. I sat it down of the temple floor and began to open it as I would a sigil while I intoned its name.

A couple of minutes went by and I began to notice that the red ink turned black and started to disappear and reappear. Unlike other sigils where an entire line or section will disappear only to reappear, Fehu looked as if it was drawing itself. A blue astral haze formed a few inches around the 3x5 note card.

About this time I started to push my intention to learn and internalize Fehu into the rune. Soon I started to get impressions that Fehu is all about flow. Not just the flow of money, but the flow of energy and intentions.

I saw a sence of a river flowing through a grassland. There were trees and grass and flowers. Many of the plant life had shallow roots, just barely reaching the river at its most shallow parts. A few wise trees not only dug thier roots deep into the deepest parts of the river, they also grew roots away from the river in search of other water sources.

In time the river dried up and was no more than a trickle. The wise trees were all that survived. Fehu was telling me that we live in a constant changing world where “flow” was the keyword. Those who can control the flow of thier lives not only survive but thrive. Those who look out and see omens or read signs will be those who understand the flow of energy around them and then know where to invest thier time and energy to make the best out of all situations.

Fehu can be used in money working spells, but one must understand that it only signals the flow or change of money. Fehu can bring you money, but it can’t make you a millionaire if you don’t internalize “flow”

Well that was the first one. This little 30 min exercise kicked my ass in ways that evocation has not. I have been drained all day. Runes ain’t nothing to fuck with.

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LOL told you.

Fehu is a strange rune to me, its money but not abundance, you don’t get rich holding on to money, give abundantly and receive the same way.

Lay a few bucks under that card and let it charge so to speak and to spend them in different places. I’m willing to bet you’ll get back more than you spent. I keep a box with different denominations in it, I periodically spend it and will usually notice within a week or two my money flowing in.

I will have to try that. I should mention that I plan on “releasing” the runes by burning the card with a charge for the rune to teach me through out the day.

The Rune book that I mentioned by Asgardson discusses which Runes
can be “peverted” for darker uses - Fehu is one because the author
states that it is both reversible and invertible. It can be used
magially to help initiate any new process, to cause motion and
evolution where there is stagnation, etc. The darker negative face
can create poverty and need in an enemy, etc.

Adgarson reinforces what TWF states - there was a reference in an Anglo-Saxon rune poem to having wealth and the responsibility that is entailed
in sharing . . .

Orismen - your rune exercise is forcing me to study the Runes more deeply

Day 2: Uruz

Uruz seems to be the “Hot” or “Active” side of things. Fehu was more passive and flowy.

I saw the figure of a Viking warrior standing on a mountain top. He was smiling as if he enjoyed what he was doing. He was both disciplined and energetic. It was like he understood the flow of Fehu and was able to command that flow through the principles of Uruz. The warrior had great power but he knew that now was not the time to use it. He didn’t head off to battle unprepared, he took the time to prepare and study his enemy with the same gusto he had for battle and blood shed.

Uruz spoke to me of strength and restriction. It reminded me of the Mars of Saturn and Saturn of Mars workings form Jason Miller’s Advanced Planetary Magic. combining the Active “Lets FUCKING DO THIS!” attitude of Mars with restrictive and binding elements of Saturn to make sure one does not miss their mark in a mundane or magical working. Keeping the sorcerer both motivated and disciplined.

This is what Uruz was to me, the strength to accomplish ones goals and the wisdom to know when to stop moving. It seems that combining Uruz with magical workings will give them a powerful but disciplined kick.

Day 3 Thurisaz:

I continued with the 3x5 note card and Dragons Blood Ink. Again the rune seemed to draw itself, which to me is a bit weird. I am started to feel that they may be alive in some way, in the sense that they are conscious forces of the cosmos but not in the way demons are.

Angels always seem to be out for the greatest good and at times may try to issue a command during your ritual, demons are far less interested in your motives giving power as is asked. The Runes seem to be a blend of the two…though they lean more to the demonic perspective in my opinion. It seems that as long as you have a reason to call on the rune that is justifiable to you the rune is down for whatever. This outlook may change as I work with more runes

For example Thurisaz to me is Righteous Anger brought to Action. This is the one who strikes out against a foe when it is acceptable to do so. I had no visual experience (except the rune drawing itself and the astral haze) but I felt a warmth that quickly became a fire in my hands. It was a passionate and destructive force that lingered for a few minutes after the ritual releasing of the card in to the aether.

Today I had an experience that brought me a closer understanding.

My University is the WORST when it comes to plowing the snow in their parking lots. Due to this parking in a parking spot is a best guess attempt. Some one parks where they think there is a parking spot, but no one is sure cause we can’t see the ground. However my university will still write a parking ticket if they think that you are not in a parking stall.

I parked while there was snow, after class I walked back to my car to find that the snow had melted and thus reveled the parking lines (no surprise) I was not in a parking stall. I could see the Campus Parking patrol writing tickets a couple cars away form me. I got to my car before they did and drove away sans ticket, but I was still full of a “How dare they!” attitude. Sure if I got a ticket I know from experience that I could go to their offices and calmly explain my situation and they would take care of it. But in that moment I wanted to march straight to the Dean and give him a piece of my mind. HOW DARE they ticket students for something that is beyond their control. That is UNACCEPTBLE.

I wouldn’t strike the Dean per se, but I was filled with an almost Righteous Anger at what I saw as unjust. I was moved to action, at that point, arguing my point, going over his head, alerting the media to the injustice, and sending a hex to straighten him out was not out of the realm of possibilities. To me they were all justified, I had the power to strike out at him and now it was up to me to chose how best to deal with it.

Keep of up man, this is good stuff.

I’ve always felt the runes seem to be forces of nature which is part of the cosmos but seems more earth based to me. Its hard to explain but they do feel powerful and conscious but neither malevolent or benevolent but just “are”.

It occurred to me when thinking about the example you gave about the
snow (ice) describes the restrain of Isa that you opted for rather then
implementing fire (thurisaz force.)

Interesting, I haven’t gotten to Isa yet. Perhaps all the runes have an opposite? Like fire and ice.

It is through your vision of fire and your snow/ice analogy that I
connected the two runes, but there are several runes of destruction.
Ice seems to contain an aspect of Fire. So it may be that the Runes
contain shards of other elements and still retain their seperate

Ice and cold can burn and sting just like fire can.

Day 4: Ansuz

This rune sparked a bit. Almost like it was alive with electricity. I vibrated as I intoned its name.

Ansuz felt far older than the previous 3. It felt like an ancient force. I felt an airy element to it which seemed rather heady.

Ansuz is supposed to be the rune of communication and language, but it felt like that was only the tip of the ice berg. It felt like a rune that can command things, like it in and of itself has divine authority. It speaks and others listen. It issues a command and things obey.

Looking up this rune I found that people have dubbed it “Odin’s Rune” and place some of its deeper meanings as “The Sovereign God”

To me this is a rune that one can use to find thier true inspiration and speak with the authority of a God. After the ritual of activation and release I certainly felt more “in my head” though this could just be due to my thoughts on Ansuz.

Now for a story.

I live in Utah and it is just as dry in the winter as it is in the summer. Due to this hydration is VERY important. I usually drink a lot if water upon rising in the morning because if I don’t I runthe risk of dehydration around noon.

Today I forgot to drink my water in the morning and about an hour after this ritual and my chakra work I suffered from bad dehydration. I couldn’t think straight and my body started scraping out on me. Eventually I realized that I needed water so I drank a small lakes worth, and am now much better.

I wonder if all that rune and energy work dried me out?

Day 5: Raidho

This was a very jovial rune. It just seemed happy.

After scrying for a while I got the impression to close my eyes. If anyone remembers Windows 95 the you may remember its greeting “Where would you like to go?” I had a strong push to plan out the general direction of my life, right then and there while I sat with my eyes closed cross legged on the floor.

I started with graduation and moved rather quickly to where I want to be. “You KNOW thatbis not how it works.” I chided myself. So I spent more time detailing more of the journey from where I am now to where I want to be. I tried to make it as detailed as possible and I realized that I will have to change my attitude a bit on my epic struggle to burn Utah to the ground…or you know get out of Utah.

I saw that there are some possibilities open to me that I can take advantage of while I am here. People to meet and things to do.

I did something similar to this a few years ago, and your interpretations of what you feel are very close to what I saw, felt, etc. Just wanted to throw that in fwiw. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Great to know that I am on the right track.
I have been talking to others that know far more than I do. It seems that I am on the right track, but I have a TON more to learn about the runes.

Quick interjection, I am almost done with Freyja’s aett (The first 8 Runes of the Elder Futhark) and I feel different, better. I feel move energetic and lively, my sleep is better and my dreams are more vivid. This is unlike working with angels or demons. Angels left me feeling holy, and like I am part of some bigger grander purpose, all in all it was inner peace. Demons left me feeling like a powerhouse if ever so slightly more prone to chaotic acts. The runes feel different, a good mix of holy inner peace and steady strength.

I have also had some very powerful doors open up to me to help me further progress in my spirituality and magic.

Could be the Runes. It could very well be due to the fact that as I work through the runes I am calling out to the Gods of my Ancestors and they are setting things up for me to meet with them.

Are you thinking in runes yet? If not give it time, you’ll see people’s actions as a rune. I had the same thing happen with the Tarot but the runes were more blunt about it while the Tarot was more mystical for lack of a better term.

Not yet, but I am feeling more of a kinship with the Runes. Fehu and Uruz really kicked my ass. It was like I said hello and they were like “OH YEAH BITCH?!?!?!” I guess that can be expected though, from what I read Freyja’s Aett is all about fire and ice and their chaotic energies. just now I feel like I am coming more in tune with the runes as a whole and I am learning how to calm down and channel the chaos.

But damn I can’t wait!

I agree about the Tarot, I did this with a few Tarot Cards and it was a lot less blunt and in your face than the runes are.

Uruz and Thursiaz were ass kickers for me. I look forward to your thoughts of Kenaz, Perthro and Dagaz those seemed to open things up when I learned them and would meditate on them.

Day 6: Kenaz

This rune seemed to me to be the rune of the fire of will and inspiration. It is the passion of creation. Raidho can show you where to go and what to look for along the way, Anus can tell you what to say and how to weave a spell, but Kenaz is the act of actually doing it.

Kenaz puts the plan into action, creating the basics of a plan. It can be seen as like taking the first step.
It is the controlling of the chaotic energy of the exterior world and channeling the plan of the internal world at the same time to bring power and magic to your works.