The Rite Of The Jinn - My Journey Through The Desert With Two Jinn Masters

The Rite Of The Jinn - My Journey Through The Desert With Two Jinn Masters.

As many of you may know, I recently contacted two jinn masters through a Arabic friend of mine. Only issue was they were in Tunisia and I am in the United Kingdom, after conversing with them across the world, they agreed to allow me to do a ritual for my clients. A mass jinn rite that would give the ancient desert fiends, the intent and desires of my clients and to go into the world and aid/guide these desires to becoming a reality and thus all the money I made in this wasn’t even spent on me but instead my travel costs and maybe enough for a coffee whilst I waited for the plane. Tunisia can be a dangerous country and I was supposed to have a friend accompany me, unfortunately he was unable to do so, which led me to do something a little risky and do this journey myself.

I booked a little place to stay not to far from the masters and brought with me, my journal filled with the information and petition of my clients. I spent a hours meditating upon their faces, their names and desires until they became a part of who I was. After a long wait at the place I was staying in, using a purchased disposable phone I got a Tunisian number and sent an email from a local cafe with internet to give the Jinn masters my number and to let them know where I was located. A member of the facility I was staying at called me and stated “Hello sir there are two gentlemen out in the reception waiting for you”.

I went to meet them and offered them firstly for a meal or a drink, they told me they didn’t want anything. They then asked if I ate/drunk and bathed yet, I replied with yes and they insisted on coming back the next day and that I must do something fasting before our journey. I saw no reason to argue and I agreed, the second day after dying for a cigarette, coffee and some of the delicious local food and deserts here. I had fasted and was covered in sweat yet I was not allowed to bathe, I felt revolting and once the jinn masters returned they invited me to follow them. They insisted I leave all belongings behind, that I couldn’t take my phone, no money, no water or food, not even my ritual circle no objects in my pockets. Only the clothes on my body was I allowed to take with me into the desert.

We walked and walked, it started turning dark and cold, I was exhausted and very dehydrated, every time I would question them they would tell me to hush. We weren’t allowed to speak to each other nor were we allowed to do anything other than walk, once we reached a area in the desert. They empty a backpack which they brought with them, they had already set up camp not to far away and the one master went to grab the ritual supplies.

One of them asked me if I had ever read a Quran to which I replied yes, during my many studies of magickal, religious and culture texts. They built a fire in the middle of the desert, by digging up the sand and creating what I can only describe as a fire pit.

Once the fire was ignited, they began throwing lumps of incense into the fire, including various herbs, flowers and at one point I believe I saw sugar or salt. They did this whilst performing circumambulation, one master would go clockwise the other went counterclockwise and I was told to alternate between both. As I did this they began chanting “Halla” over and over, so I joined them and so no issue in it, I didn’t even know what the chant meant until I realised it was the inverted name of the Islamic god. I followed suit and once done, we fell to the floor exhausted they had a small cup filled with some strange horrible tasting tea, there was hardly any in it and it was to be shared between the three of us, before passing it to me they spat in the tea and told me I must drink it and that I must to spit in it. The first took a tiny sip and spat in the drink, the second took a tiny sip and spat in the drink, I then took a tiny sip and spat in the drink and we passed it around and around again, taking the smallest amount possible and sharing our saliva.

The other jinn master told me to simply sit in front of the fire whilst they go get something from the camp, I sat and they returned from the camp with a small goat and a knife in their hand. The second jinn master dip their fingers into the last remaining droplets of tea and anointed the throat of the goat. Once done they began making noises, it seemed almost like a mantra, yet it wasn’t in any definable language. After listing I was able to mimic the chant and began joining them, they then told me to slice the neck of the animal and guided me in doing so. Once the blood was spilt and we thanked the animal for giving its life, all three of us held a leg each, carrying the goat around the fire, leaving a circular trail of blood as we did so.

Once done the goat was put to the side, ready to eat later and only the eyes of the goat were taken out, then thrown into the fire along with more incense. As this happened I started getting dizzy and disoriented, I thought it was exhaustion at first, as I stumbled down to my knees, I began getting sick and vomited on the sand in front of me, once I did I looked up into the fire and began to hallucinate. Here I am in the desert with two strangers, no phone, no way to run and they are holding a knife and I had been drugged. They then began burning pages of the Quran whilst walking around me, as they encircled me, I started hearing screams in the air, I could see the fire changing colour and even noticed the flames become more liquified. I entered into a very transcendental state, I began feeling the jinn that lurked in the darkness of the desert surround me, one of the master whispered in my year, words in Arabic to recite too and for the life of me I can’t remember the words.

Once these words were spoken, the fire began roaring it was phenomenal, the fire began roaring like a inferno, the winds around us picked up. The smoke of the fire, the incense, the burnt pages of the Quran began spiralling out of control around me and in this smoke countless faces manifested. Being a western minded magician I kept looking in the smoke and yet I could see right in front of me physical jinns, one looked Indian, the other African, the other didn’t look human at all, they were extremely physical one minute and disappeared the next. Fluctuating in and out of my perception, but my breath and heart momentarily stopped as I gazed at the most solid manifestation I had ever witnessed in my life as a magician, before I could distinguish any noticeable features of these entities, they would disappear and be replaced by another jinn. The speed of which made them seem like passing echos, blurring out before me, I couldn’t believe my eyes, eventually they became fiery all of them as a matter of a fact.

They shot into the centre of the fire, it was here that I would have to envision the names and faces of my clients. As I did so I began speaking in a foreign tongue, I had no idea what I was saying, I didn’t even know the nature of the words or language it merely flowed out of me as if the words were not my own. As I stated these words I saw the faces, names, emails, messages and petitions of my clients rushing through my mind faster than the speed of sound. I was blackening out every time I was about to fall, the jinn master would shake me violently to stay conscious and as I did, the whole of reality was replaced with another world before my eyes. I was seeing a actual physical alteration of my observable reality as a whole, becoming a whole alternate reality and dimension.

I understood I was seeing the world and state of jinn at that moment, I then fell down and passed out, the jinn masters covered me and I awoke later, with them still chanting whilst I slept. They began clapping in the same rhythm one would do with a ceremonial tribal drum or other instrument. As they did this I stood up, still hazed and walked right up to the fire and spoke.

“Desert spirits, all the jinns that have come in attendance tonight, you know why I have come”.

Immediately I heard one chief jinn of this specific tribe of jinn state. “We saw your numerous wishes which aren’t your own, we have seen this and we agree, what do you give us”. I had around my neck at the time a valuable necklace, given to me by my grandfather who I loved dearly, there wasn’t nothing more sentimental than this. I knew I had clung onto it for too long and it was time to detach and let go of this attachment to him and to the pain of his passing. I took of the necklace and shed a tear and as I did so, I held it up and stated.

“For you Jinn, I give this treasure that is close to my heart, that is meaningful and intimate to my very soul, take it, it is yours”.

The jinn master behind spoke in very broken English and stated, “If this is a gift to them, thrown it in the fire”. I did as told and at that moment, I sat and marvelled at the jinn, their raw power emanating in all four corners of the vast desert. I meditated there and listened, simply observing the silent nature of the jinns, once the fire died down, all the jinns dispersed and as they did so a massive gust of wind flew by. This was a sure sign of them and their power emanating outwards into the world, I actually cried and yet I felt something with me, something actually inside of me.

I followed the jinn masters to the camp carrying the carcass of the goat with us, once they then prepared the animal and chopped it up and covered it to be used as food for later.

I explained to both of them, I still feel something with me, something inside me and they told me “We told those of the jinn that choose so, may follow you to teach you, what we know and more my friend”. After drinking and eating, we returned to the hotel and I offered to put them up for the night and that I would pay. They refused and stated they don’t like staying indoors that much, they gave me some advice and wisdom on how to move forward with this kind of magick and gave me a actual vessel that they stated would compel the jinn following me into it, if I only looked upon it with great intent and tell it without saying so to enter the vessel.

I thanked them and returned, I fell onto the hotel floor in the room, unable to make it to the bed and woke up feeling absolutely revolting, I kept being sick over and over, I understood it as a purging from whatever concoction they gave me in the tea, I will meet with them again tomorrow simply for them to explain to me, a little more in depth of what I must do.

I must say however that I have never experienced anything like I have on this trip and that the power of the jinn is a frightening one indeed. My journey is not yet over, it is just beginning, as are all of ours in this very moment until the last grain of the sand of our time does falls.




Thanks for sharing this treasure with us. The risks you took show how fully you place faith in your own magick, and how utterly absent bullshit your work is, even though I know people scratch their heads sometimes (and I can understand why, without agreeing).



Damn dude, it sounds like you had a great experience. Much respect.


Thank you :blush:


when will you go back home? How long will you be there

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One awesome experience


Your experiences are amazing. Glad you’re safe. Keep being safe huge respect.


Congratulations @C.Kendall

It sounds like an incredible experience!


Wow this was truly intense, Conner. I can’t wait to see what else you share.


Thank you brother


I think this experience is a turning point in your magick. One that will forever change you and I love that you actually go where people dare to go and write about your actual real life experiences. Something very few can honestly do. You are special and I know there’s amazing things in store for you.


Do you know why the jinns appeared physically and your physical reality changed even if western magick doesn’t seem to explain it?


probably with the help of tea, the most common hallucinogenic plant used is “khat” or a certain variety of sage, quite used by sorcerers, but I’m probably wrong.Concerning the mix of incense, it varies greatly, I know that there is camphor rohani, the red sulfur to call the angel on the other hand very hated by the shayatin, jinn, ifrit and the black sulfur to call the jinn black (shayatin, jinn, ifrit, king).


I enjoyed that read and this comes right when I got hargroves book on practical jinn magick and have made an effort on learning about them recently. Very informative and I felt like I was in the desert with all those vivid descriptions :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this! I enjoyed reading and it was very interesting! I look forward to hearing more :smiley:

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djins are very powerfull , what a votage

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Wow what an awesome experience! Thank you for sharing.
It must have been mind fuck crazy stepping out from the hotel room and into that abyss.
That danger, that risk, that vulnerability and that trust. Awesome !!!

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Thank-you for sharing this experience. Very glad you made it back safely. You should be a writer.

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Damn that sounds like fun! No invite?? :joy:
Best wishes!

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He actually is for Become a Living God he’s been an author so far on two of the new releases.