The Rite Of The Jinn - My Journey Through The Desert With Two Jinn Masters

I had no clue.

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I figured that. I think it is amazing that you picked up on his talent with out know that.

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It’s what I do for a living. I am a reader, also musician and artist, also I want to say he has such an ability to describe things in detail, it was like I was viewing his experience. That is true talent.


Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you came through it safely

Wow, that is quite an experience. I cannot imagine the power behind it. The fact you gave up something important in exchange for the jinn’s aid with the wishes of others speaks volumes about you, both as person and the lengths you’ll go as a magician. Very inspiring.


I enjoyed reading your post. I am a Westerner, and these kinds of experiences with the Djinn are not really talked about on mainly-English speaking forums and groups that I have been in, with the exception of BALG.
Good to hear you are back from the experience safe. I look forward to more of your writings.
Be well.