The real names of ubi's or incubi and sucubi?

Im just curious again bc as i know so far
Is that mankind made their names succubus and incubus and ubi soo whats their real name
I was wondering someone on the forum would know bc you have more experience within the spiritual realm and have talked with the dead or whatever sorry if thats alittle offense or worked with some mabye even while with ubi’s or you contacted through boards and stuff

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It’s not flattering. Relations with “demons” were frowned on when these Latin words were coined. These are not names, they’re a term applied to entities that like to fuck humans, but not always - what we also call hag attacks and nightmares were originally included in the term.

“Ubi” is brand new slang and is the lazy way of saying “incubus or succubus”.

Tip: Whenever you want to know the origin of a word, search for the work and “etymology” or just “word origin”, the internet knows everything.

Incubus: “imaginary being or demon, credited with causing nightmares, and, in male form, consorting with women in their sleep,” c. 1200, from Late Latin incubus (Augustine), from Latin incubo “nightmare, one who lies down on (the sleeper),” from incubare “to lie upon” (see incubate). Plural is incubi. Compare succubus.
incubus | Etymology, origin and meaning of incubus by etymonline

Succubus: late 14c., alteration (after incubus, giving a masc. form to a word generally felt as of female meaning) of Late Latin succuba “strumpet,” applied to a fiend (generally in female form) having sexual connection with men in their sleep, from succubare “to lie under,” from assimilated form of sub “under” (see sub-) + cubare “to lie down” (see cubicle). Related: Succubine (adj.).
succubus | Etymology, origin and meaning of succubus by etymonline

If you want the specific name any given entity contacting you, ask it. There are millions of entities that can act as succubi or incubi, most of them are not documented.


So far its saying to me that we are all insane
And hallucinating lol these beings .

I just call them foocubi like nethack does.

Their real name more than likely has no real english translation, even their earliest name was man-made based on another culture they appeared in, but it’s also very likely that they told these people to call them such.

Just as many demons accept being called demon or introduce themselves as demons, same with many angels, Gods, and so forth.


I second this,

The names we have now are all entirely human made, and they probably accept/are okay with this because it simply makes things easier for us (humans). I’m not sure if any language, name, etc is ever really in their “original” language.

I don’t think our minds can comprehend it (our mind probably translates communication in general) or they just don’t care to tell lol.

I agree, when I project there’s some etheric languages I can speak while in that ‘mentality’ but when I stop projecting my mind kind of fails to remember what I spoke but I get the understanding of it.


Whatever we call them is entirely and, comprehensively, human made. As @Mulberry explained above, it’s origin is Latin from 13th century, created by their sexual openness and behavior.

Their “aggressive” nature at that time, and that some of them were targeting monks, priests and nuns was pretty much their ways of challenging repression of a natural occurrence. What’s more natural than sex and reproduction? Why repress it? Because someone says it’s “wrong”, that it is a “sin”? This became a challenge that some of them loved to be a part of.

Their true origin and where they come from is still debatable, though. I think it’s easier to tap into the origin of the individual, rather than the origin of the species itself. It’s even debatable of what they’re calling themselves in contrast to other spirits and entities, because their replies vary from one individual to another. That doesn’t mean they’re all lying, either.

In my experience, they share the same space as humans, with the difference that their space is behind the veils and layers of the physical Earth. It’s a world within a world, co-existing simultaneously with our physical world.


That would certainly be Interesting. Almost like a invisible world layered on top of our physical visible world, the two are possibly dependent apun each other - and regularly interact with each other. Although in subtle manners.

I’m not sure if this is true for the Succubi/Incubi species (plus there are many different types of entities to account for) home as it is, but maybe for the spiritual and physical. I see the two as often mirroring one another in remarkable ways. So maybe as a whole instead.

A world within a world is usually a pocket realm in which case technically wouldn’t make any sense as the home of succubus/incubus since they reside in a plane separate from the physical.

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whats an ubi

A catch all for incubus and succubus.

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Well what about a world layered over another world, that’s what I understand from the post. Or is that the same?

Like the energy layer over our physical world?

That would be the energetic physical which is just where you’d be if you projected onto the physical plane. Which a few people believe when they get into relationships with entities that those entities make that layer their home simply to stay with them.

Personally I don’t believe that simply because they have nothing to interact with on that layer, it’s seeing the physical and being on it but unable to really touch anything or interact with anything.

I’ll never believe an entity would give up their lives and their jobs and such in their plane simply to focus their life around a individual 24/7.


Well same goes for physical lovers as well, any person who spends 100% of their time with another person is in a co-dependent relationship lol. I think some of that is wishful thinking, and emotional attachment mixed with unrealistic thinking.

@Velenos, in your experience… Is our earth/physical realm the only one with a energetic layer to it? Or does other realms have their own energetic layer?

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I’ve never met any succubus that wanted to stay with me no matter how much respect I have for their race and towards Lilith herself coming from my own experience. 4 of my succubus have been gone for months and I haven’t called them back for the same good reasons listed in your post. I don’t want to disrupt whatever they may be doing in their realm that keeps them busy this long within time. They’ve shown plenty of boundaries with me that I deeply respect from them and I can always cherish that.

The sayings that come form a succubus is about as truthful as it can get when you get to know her on a much personal level. Highly misunderstood entites when it comes to the things they can assist with. My other 2 frequently visit but again never stay. Half the time is when I’m conducting any sex magic related works or any guided meditation that I need assistance with, etc…I don’t ever recall one of them ever being here on a daily basis.