The Ratrace, wasting yourself away for others, while only seeing the little return it gives back


Since we commonly have a look for those of us,
chaning or seeking jobs,

it can’t hurt to tell the other side of the Story as well.

That J.O.B is also considered,
or looked at as:






“If you don’t think money can buy happiness, you don’t know where to fucking shop!”

All jokes aside, of course money doesn’t guarantee hapiness, but a lack of money usually guarantees misery.


money doesn’t guarantee hapiness but it can make your life easier …


and i know that part of it aswell.

However, this was aimed at focusing people away from that miserable exchange of Selling their Workpower by an per hour or even per month general payment.

in your own post you said pretty much the same thing:

!“Nobody ever got rich, working shifts at MC Donalds.”




Said noone never :laughing::laughing::laughing:


yea really great point… i am glad you wanted to share this with us …


I use money to buy soda, chocolate, and weed. Ngl, those things make me pretty damn happy.


I dunno… when I use money to buy stuff I want, it makes me happy.


i think it was meant like when you are rich and have everything what you want it doesnt mean you are happy … for example you dont have true friends, long lasting realitionships (gold diggers dont count) etc… :woman_shrugging:t2:


So much interpretation.

I guess i have to change the title.

it’s not about the goods you buy for the money making you unfurfilled.

It’s about the exchange,
that most people overvalue the little “freedom” they actually do have,
while vastly underestimating,
how much they enslave themselves in order to get it.




I think that money does buy happiness. When you buy that new outfit that makes you feel hot, Or the new sports car in the middle of your midlife crisis. It buys happiness for others, the new toy you by your child, the coins you placed in a homeless person can To buy food.

But I think really at the end of the day, it depends on your definition of happiness, since it’s hormone related, happiness constantly needs a reboot.


thanks for sharing
this really makes me think
in my current job when there is nothing to do i could read books and gain more knowledge
after work i should be going out somewhere enjoying life
planning good things on the weekend
not wasting any other day and taking it for granted


The thing is that we arent free at all.
You can decide what to eat, what to watch, what to do after work but what else? U Cant Quit your job, you Cant travel to Tokio Just for fun, u Cant go drunk cus u probably work tommorow morning. fact is that u Cant do 90 percent things that you want and Maybe only 10 percent is in your hands.
We are slaves of Our model of civilization and monetary system. To get out of this shit hole is a need to get mega Rich or completly Quit from civilization and go to the jungle live peacfully with nature like some pigmeys.
Funny fact is that Mahomet after GETTING Rich marrying his wife get initiations and visions that made New cult.
I could write here many many more thoughts about this but conclusion is always the same. Get Rich or get out of death civilization.


Thank you Fatcat,

that is,
by far - the best answer i’ve got here until now.

The first, that actually understand what the whole topic was about,
and brings it to the point.

feel free to express your thoughts,
you’re welcomed to do so.




i think we all want to get rich :slight_smile:
which is why we become spiritual
removing our blockages
gain powers to attract everything we desire
ofc you could find a quicker way to get rich but with power it is sweeter :wink:


I’d rather say,
that normally people look to increase their power through wealth (being rich),
while those who’re focused on the power itself,
usually enjoy wealth (being rich - and that’s not just limited to money),
as a sideproduct,
of having that power.




yeah that’s exactly what i’m striving for
i am working on my powers to manifest things i desire like wealth and love
as i have seen that without them i cannot do it unfortunately
with reprogramming my subcobscious mind i achieved from minimum wage to earning double the amount within few months :slight_smile: just an example given


Oh i know that it’s well possible,
to earn good income.


Glad to hear about your success, tho.
Congratulations on that.

Keep up the good results. xD




How can I do that? There is so much pressure to get a job and I don’t see myself like the kinda person cut out for a 9-5. I’m more of an independent person, I’ll rather make jobs for the unemployed


Money can’t buy happiness, but you can sure be miserable in comfort!
A wealth person is one who wants for nothing.