The Ratrace, wasting yourself away for others, while only seeing the little return it gives back

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Totally agree with you :+1:

Money is a symbol for everything that money can buy. I think it’s not fair or accurate to say that money doesn’t guarantee happiness or can’t buy love. It’s not supposed to do that in the first place. It’s like saying pizza doesn’t guarantee good luck. :slight_smile:

Money simply buys stuff… how you feel about what you buy - or do not buy - got nothing to do with money. in my opinion.


Hmmm ill try to Give some light about this but it Will be hard for me to formulate thoughts cus my English isnt Perfect.

First of all when i had to ask myself same question as you i started to look what causes this miserable mortal egsistence with no hope for better life.
I was thinking, reading business forums, doing introspections etc.
At first it comes to me that Maybe i am not working as hard as i need, Maybe my attitude is wrong and other things that corresponds to You as a human being person. So ok the Way Worth to think about it. But very soon i realized that is Just an excuse for me and my mind. Why is that? Cus no matter how hard you Will work for someone in job that dont u really like and Cant develop yourself you waisting Time. No matter how high your salary is you still are dependent first of your boss.thwn Your boss is dependent of his boss or supply on the market.

Conclusions. on your own Bill that develop your Economist skills. Then Maybe u can start a company and hire people to work for you buying for you your lifetime.
2. No matter how high is your sallary is ( dont talk about Hollywood etc) you are Just a worker no matter if youre selling burgers earnning 2500 a month or it programist earnning 4000month. Youre still dependent on others and Must do what they Say. Of course is better to earn more but this isnt about it.

So if we know Belive that we have to work on ourselfs to have some more freedom in life we should know some about Economics. And here is the biggest shit happend ever in history.

In biological therms human are thinking Animals. Like you Maybe already noticed in all animal World there is only 1 boss for a large Group of other Animals. Same is in human kind. Now the boss is always biggest, stronest, etc and he wins a boss crown by a argument of strenght and not by strenght of arguments.
Since history of Man kind begin there always were leaders Choosen by Group cus of their strenght and willing power to killer others to get theirs food, Towns, womens, resources and to bing safe to its own Lieges safety. Not much Times Goes on, civilizations grows and leader (and his army) get to conclusion that much better is to slave people or Just like mafia Give them payed protection if they arent strong enough to Defend themselfs.
And thats how people created first countries and system of taxes. Yes indeed, paid protection was a precoursor of taxes. Of course at the same Time people was producing things in manufactures, developing many many things but this isnt much relevant to this.
And of course religions are also in the same Group. The difference is that the leader with his army was a protection to his people from other tribe. ( here and now or Maybe there and then) and religion protect people from hell/ doesn’t matter ( in the future but you have to pay now and here).
And now is exactly the same(almost). Youre a Child of a system. From birth you have your own id number. Youre paying taxes to your leaders to protect you (Police, fire Police?, medial care etc)

Why i mention almost? Cus in past the amount of money people where paying for this was very Little corresponding to theirs earnings. Statistical human in middle Ages payed about 10 percent taxes of his earnings and work about 260 Day a years. And if some crazy King decide to come and take extra taxes there where rebelions and much often kings were murdered… .

In present days Economics Goes crazy. People are paying horrendal taxes, there are massive frauds of public money, no one is doing notting with it. Govermsnts doesnt represent people Who vote for them… Etc etc.

A aaaaa huhhhh that is So much to write about…

But still.
Having Balls Give you money. Money Give you freedom and hapiness.


even a boss or a manager works the whole day :slight_smile:
in order to receive what you desire you need inspired action… it will not happen if you don’t do anything
how about you sit down and think 1 hour about how you can earn money if you don’t want to work?
many people need a stable job to save money in order to invest in a business
be clear with what you want, i can help you with the subconscious mind

-before sleep and after waking up say your affirmations like: i am wealthy i am abundant financially i attract large sums of money easily and without any effort etc…

-55x5 method where you write your afgirmation 55 times a day that helps a lot

-shamanic tapping where you tap your affirmations into your subconscious

there are many ways to reprogram your sub, youtube explains shamanic tapping and 55x5

-educate yourself about money, warren buffet spends 80% a day with reading
i recommend books “rich dad poor dad” and napoleon hill “think and get rich”


Thanks alot



That’s a job within itself Maybe you should look into working at the unemployment office?


Thank you very much for your time and consideration, I appreciate it very much. We don’t have that where I’m from. Thanks again

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