The principle of candles and fire in rituals?

  • Hello everyone There was such a question - what do you think is the principle of lighting candles during any ritual, invocation and the like? The fact itself is the need for a candle (with the setting for the ritual) or the energy released by the element of fire during the burning of the candle. gorenje Can I use, for example, dry fuels, alcohol or kerosene during rituals where fire is required. Can I light not a candle on the altar, but dry combustible? …I noticed. that some evocation rituals are carried out using dry fuels, to burn sigils or notes when working with the spirit.
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There’s a few approaches,

  • The fire is an elemental being called a Salamander that works to help the ritual
  • Fire represents spirit, particularly masculine spirit (aether or water represents female)
  • Burning transforms the sigil (say) into spirit tor the spirit realm to consume
  • Fire is a gateway (water is another) allowing spirit contact

So you will also see bowls of water used in some rituals, sometimes both. Water and fire can be used for scrying into.

Yes you can use other flames such as a campfire, oil lamps, fire glass, stenos with gel fuel, tiki torches etc. candles are usually just more convenient, but if you’re right there at a campfire there’s no need to go indoors and get a candle going instead.

For burning sigils, I usually have charcoal disks for incense in a deep bowl, I make sigils all of an inch wide anyway and so I just put the sigil in the candle flame and then on the charcoal disk in the bowl to finish burning safely. For a campfire I put the sigil right in the fire. I don’t like burning things into a firebowl as that gets ash in the liquid and mucks it up. Also I keep the ash dry for use in other ritual later, particularly refreshing my house wards.


Nothing to add to that.
Other than (the maybe obvious), make sure you have a fire extinguisher close by if you use fire in your rituals. If you have carpeting you could treat it with fire retardant every once in a while

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I thought of something else, specific to candles, you can use the surface of the candle body as a canvas that adds to the working. E.g. carve a sigil on the candle, enchant it, “dress” it with magickal oils and herbs, some people match the candle color with a symbolic meaning etc.

So yes this is also an option.

This principle is used heavily in “candle magick”, for which you can get whole books. We have a popular thread going on right now that gives an example of this:

So it comes down to personal choice on how you design the ritual, what you want to do with it and the tools you choose to work it.