The powers of crystals

I did a ritual with a hematit crystal I programmed to strength my memory. When I have programmed crystals and loaded them does it then only effect what I have dedicated them to? Or do they automatically also effects the chakras and aura? With other words, do hematit automatically stimulate my root chakra despite I have only programmed it to strength my memory?

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I would sure hope not. You don’t want random effects out of your control really, right?

Why have you been having trouble?

For me, I was attracted to a precise crystal and so much so that I dreamt about it the day prior to it’s purchase. In the store, it was a fast buy and the first item in front of me, ready for the picking. Awesome experience. Some crystals have spirits in them or connected to really high and evolved spirits that can heal us, absolutely.

Personally I hope. It will only benefits me if the crystal both stimulate my root chakra while it serving the purpose I have programmed it to.