The Power Of Dark Energy

Hello there , I’m about to explain Dark energy , the best way i can atleast. But first I’m going to explain what it is not . Dark energy is not , evil , malice, negative, or corruptive. True dark energy is CREATIVE, limitless potential . It is protection. It is the energy your mother uses in your womb to construct you . The energy swimming around the cosmos. The universe is constructed by 96 percent of dark energy and 4 percent of normal matter. Not to add physical science , but it’ll give you an idea of the arrow I’m shooting. It is the primal force of light energy , hence , everything is born in the darkness . Before the " Big Bang", there was void , pure darkness . Through chaos, light was created . But, darkness was and always will be everlasting. The power it can give your ritual and energy work is amazing . There are some who use this energy to materialize there wants and needs. With enough control, there is no telling what it could do. :slight_smile:


More Info on how to juice up ?

This… pretty much just completely reverses the concept of “Dark Energy” and makes it what New Agers consider as “Light Energy”.