The path of Belial, parasites, and evolution of mankind

I’m a fresch newbie here and this is my first post. My name is Elin and I’ve have never really been deep involved in magic but my lust for knowledge, unexplenable paranormal experiances from childhood, my kundalini awakening, and desire to have to control over my life, brought me here.

Now to the actual post:
I want to discuss Koetting’s and many other magicans pathworking with belial right now, what is happening? What are these beings? What do they want? And why do they need us? This will sound like paranoid madness to some but I have to say it, and I think most folks here are already ”mad” to atleast some degree anyway.

Last week I had a visit by belial even tho I’ve never summoned him, he told me things and what I needed to do to move forward in my acsension. During this week I felt the urge to summon belial to really feel his precence and he said that I should do it on april the 29/30th, this was independently before I heard that others have been called to do the same! Nuts…

These beings, are real. They are parasites, (the eye of Horus). During some period in ancient times it was concidered to be an honour to be sacrificed to these beings. The eye of horus is not the eye of Ra, the pineal gland. (research it) I think the “killing” in revelation of a large part of humanity will be this bodysnatch, it will not be noticeable because it’s happening in an insidious way within.

This is very real and they live DEEP beneath… they are “parasitic” lizards. and have a unique biological property of their bodies that allows them to stick a brain proboscis into another animals eye, preferably a humans and bodysnatch them making them a human host, they mimic human behavior and are already all over the place, just as Koetting are saying.

Now this transformation of the human genome and ”awakening of the black inner flame”,
…is the shapeshift… no morphing to it at all,… its a biological transfer, the old lizard body dies and they just become you, there is no reversing the process, an old name for them was mimic, they have many names.

For example:

When an uninfected rat senses a ‘predator’ cat nearby it becomes very frightened and aims to avoid the cat at all costs, as us ‘normal’ humans do when we sense an ‘evil’, ‘bad’, or ‘corrupt’ person. Yet when an infected rat senses the ‘predator’ cat it will present itself to the cat. This makes so much sense as far as I’m concerned. ‘WE’, the uninfected ‘rats’ naturally sense this same ‘fear’ when we are exposed to the ‘predator’ cat and we ‘run away’ from it, yet the infected ‘rats’ (psychopaths) among us do not fear the ‘predator’ qualities of the cat and instead desire & seek to become the same powerful ‘predator’. These people do not fear the bigger cats who could potentially ‘eat them’ and ‘desire’ to be as ‘powerful’ thereby giving up everything they are to become such. They don’t care about their former self…they now thrive for the power. Parasites and psychopaths often crave ‘evolving power’.(And just to be clear, this was a parable just to highlight the point, not sayin that anyone is a psychopath, but maybe ”infected” in a way because of invocation or any type of interaction with these beings.)

there’s no mystical magic or morphing… its all biological parasitic cellular transfer. It’s an alien invasion.

Many confuse this kundabuffert (holy goat) with the kundalini which is the real holy spirit. You know christians in church who “recieve the holy spirit” and start flounder and shaking? Or get possessed? This sound like ludicrisy and I would have also laugh at this if it wasn’t for the fact that you and I have interacted with them. This event is also mentioned in the emerald tablets of Thoth. This is not the first time they have tried to interact with human civilisation.

Now why do they want hybridize themselves with us?
I’m not sure about this. Other have said that they admire human intelligence and our beautiful form. We may also have a devine creative spark that they lack. This is not racism, all beings in our galaxy are just not created in the same way.

(OBS) Humans need to cleanse them self and their blood from parasites, it’s the physical counterpart. Everything energetic has a physical counterpart. This detox is an action that has to be taken seriously no matter if your kundalini is flowing and your pineal gland is awake or not.

Now this ”evolving power” as they speak of is a really juicy philosophical dilemma. If ulitmate/limitless power is just for the one and only ”god”, or is it the force that you can drawn to yourself, spoken of in E.A Koetting’s book of azael about attaining ”Godhood”.

”There’s no good or evil, only power and those to weak to seek it”

I’m not telling this as an insult or that this is right and that is wrong, this is just their hierarchical philosophy. The cycles are moving and new enteties is to come here and some of those here are are supposed to move on. The activation of our twelve DNA strand is not meant to be a one-way ticket out of here (as many escapism new agers think of it), but to make us able to be or have a vehicle to come and go as we want. This is power and freedom.

No judgmentent I just want hear a real disgussion about this. What’s happening now it’s already written. No one can change this world or reality…. it’s a frequency, a time circle that is and will always repeat itself, and those who have not learned their lesson will just stay another cycle again, I guess.

I was told by belial to let go of my attachements just as E:A Koetting said, you must sacrifice a part of yourself in this process. They need promission.
But what is this part? Our empathy and human kindness? Or even our own conciousness? Stop consider yourself and you stop to be /Azazel

Again this is not to spread misinformation, and a lot of it is taken out of it’s context just in order to keep the post short, and I can be totally wrong but I just want people to consider what they are doing.

Is this the destiny of man(kind)? Humankind is the original melanated radiant man and who seem to be more protected from this. Anyone who knows a little or have experianced the alien abduction program, the greys ect knows that it is mostly or only happening to white people. Why is that? Why are white blondes most preferred? There are so many questions.


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Well the beast reapplied fast.
No one has to believe in “lizard serpents”, or dive deep into conspiracies, just think of it as an adversary force. It’s a scientific fact that parasites can affect the human mind and personality.

Chemtrails, the number 1# weapon against that chemtrail flu is silver.
Call it the silver bullet, the silver bullet kills that wearwolf, the silver bullet is gonna kill what? Dracula. Why silver? It is telling us the chemical properties of the mineral silver. Bacteria can’t exist in that enviroment, virusess dissolves their protective capsule of a bacteria. They can’t survive, it’s done.

Now gold is for the higher mind, the silver gonna cleanse and purify all that particular viruses.

This is information of the tree of life, not the “good and evil”. God said, man has become one of us, he knows good and evil but he’s really not like one of the immortals because he did not stretch for his hand to eat of the tree of eternal life. It’s memory, connection, energy can’t be created or destroyed it’s talking about ignorance, certein hidden secrets. This is Ra.

:thinking: sounds like Rahu is afoot


Even if what you say is true… So what?

All of us have the goal of godlike power by realizing our own godhood. “God” being a grey area term, since we are all just beings in the roiling chaos of the multiverse with some being stronger than others by their ability to access and direct their power. Who cares what they are or if they are trying to hybridize or whatever you are suggesting. We are after results. The means are more or less irrelevant.

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I think that taking the route of “fear” is very easy when power seeking. It has become the human default.
What came to mind in regards to vampires and silver is the Black Plague. .

I believe that the force that is, and was, vampire is a mere expression of the, seeming, endless nature that some people enact. People of the elitist mentality will always seek to over power us, leaving us with under standing. English is a language of duality and it is very hard to express something without ambiguity.

Gnostic texts have taken advantage of this mode of thinking.

Perhaps, the silver you refer to is presenting the concept of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver kills all bacteria.

The Black Plague, in the 1300’s, killed many people. It was carried by rats, as well as fleas. The idea of bloodsucking and being changed is present in this narrative. I believe the story of the real vampire has been influenced by this period as well as the obvious historic components.

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Nope. I will say this straight away. Nope.
Power does not care about kindness or empathy or compassion, that means it is not limited by being kind, empathic, or compassion.

Power just is. It can be used for ANYTHING you want. Morality is the limit placed on our power by society saying that, " Oh, I shouldn’t do that."

Empathy, Compassion, and Kindness should not be conflated with morality. They are used as justifications.



Very much religious symbolism but it still kind of made sense.

I have heard some occultists speak of having an “understand” and “overstanding” like meta judging but I don’t always comprehend that in everything but I try.

Yes I did referred to colllodial silver and gold but also platinum and iridium for empowering the nervous system and the energetic body. But my question still remains if our “power” is in the process of purifying our body/energetic bodies that we were created with in the beginning, no merging with some unknown alien substance, but taking everything in ourself back to the source/god or the other alternative which is to contionue the evolution in the way I explaned in my first post. Going into the unknown.

It gave me a better persective than your first reply.

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Not necessarily

[quote=“Epsilon_The_Imperial, post:8, topic:30652”]

What is power? The ability to dominate? When often people who have to seize “control” are weak?
Edit: Morality is only limiting when you let someone else define what it is for you. Anything in excess can limit.

There are many strong people who want to feel strong to weather the powerlessness of their daily existence, swept up by the currents of life. Strength only matters if you have the will to see your desires through.

Being a slave to your own desires is not the same as allowing excess into your life.

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I can see that.

[quote=“Epsilon_The_Imperial, post:15, topic:30652”]
Being a slave to your own desires is not the same as allowing excess into your life.
[/quote] I can see that too, but if a desire is enslaving you in a way that does not bring you the meaning that another desire would…then your giving too much of yourself to said desire, maybe…?

Like say your desires conflict and you let the one that does not help you ascend like the other would over rule it…?

Yes. You choose your own ethics and discipline yourself to keep your focus on the desires you want.

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You sure bout that?

I know you were quoting him, but this doesn’t conflict with anything I’ve said.

Be your true self, act as you naturally are.

Your own ethics come from your very being.

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